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"Mission Impossible 6" A tango that strikes the battle?

Two years ago, when "Mission Impossible 5" was released, fans were amazed at the film's desperate behavior entitled "Humans can not stop Atango". Now that the "Mission Impossible 6" has been released, the 56-year-old Atango continues the "faster, higher and stronger" Olympic motto. The director who worked with him many times said, "The mission of the Mission Impossible 6", Tom Cruise is really busy completing the "impossible task".

Atango has been absolutely "desperate" for decades. For that reason Ah Tang was very simple for the premiere answer to Beijing: "I do not like being fake".

Open the plane

Very dangerous but very exciting

At the end of "Mission Impossible 6" there is a beautiful mountain haunting helicopter chase. It is said that it took a lot of effort, and the crew was given permission to shoot the Norwegian sermons, finally, such a big star, so-guarded group, if here is a shooting accident, that is not willing to take responsibility. .

For this piece, Tom Cruise said he had studied the course through textbooks and studied a helicopter license for 12 days and became a driver with a 2000-hour flying experience in a short time. In addition, he also studied aerial stunts, and he also overcame a few meters of obstacles at a short distance caused by the simultaneous flight of 13 helicopters.

Under such circumstances Atango will continue to play tricks, perform a spiral flight and fall outside the machine. Not to mention the fact that the public nearly suffocated, and an employee of the crew also said in the film: "I think we lost Tom." At the premiere of Tai Temple, when Ahtang spoke about this, he did not have the danger of "escape", but said with excitement: "I noticed that doing air stunts is not the same as actually piloting an airplane. these action dramas are performed every day, life is very dangerous, but it is also very exciting. "

Parachuting at high altitude

Atango trained 106 times a year.

Shortly after the film began, Atango appeared on HALO, a kind of skydiving tactic commonly known as "high jump and low open". This tactic requires that the parachutist jumps from a height of 7260 meters and then opens the umbrella at a low height of 610 meters. How dangerous is skydiving in this way? Oxygen shortage, short-term pressure loss and even loss of consciousness without knowing it, and more people caused tragedy because the parachute did not open. That is why this "stunt" is generally limited to professional air force parachutists. That is why Atango became the first actor to make HALO in the history of the film.

A Tango also said that this is really difficult to photograph. "The altitude is very high, very dangerous, and there is not enough oxygen." The parachuting itself is very complicated. "It took a long time before we knew how to do it because you wanted to shoot it, and it's not easy either." To complete this action, Tomgio trained for a year, parachuting 5 times a day. When shooting this film, Atango jumped a total of 106 times. Director Christoph McAuli said that this scene only has three minutes of light per day to shoot, "so the picture has to be perfect".

Parkour in the high buildings of London

The ankle is broken, causing the instep to turn to the lower leg

Compared to the battles in the air, the pursuit of motorcyclists and cars on the land for Atango seems to be "pediatrics".

But this is not the case. Director Christoph said Tom Cruise had an ankle injury on the first day of filming, so shooting at the chase scene was affected.

After the ankle injury of Tom Cruise, the doctor's suggestion was that the ankles should not move within 6 months and could not bear the weight. Tom Tang apparently did not listen to the doctor, however: "In fact, when I was a child, I was injured in the bones, I also fell on my bones while riding a motorcycle, I was hurt."

On the top of the tall buildings in London, after a rush to run, he jumped on the roof. Because the distance did not jump enough, he hit the wall and unfortunately he broke his ankle. Then he still closed his shot and ran out of the camera because he knew he could not make the shot anymore. The staff present saw a picture of his instep turning to the calf – this wounded shot can be seen in the images.

Paris Arc de Triomphe chase

The engine's safety mechanism actually did not work properly.

In the pursuit of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Atango had to drive a heavy motor and drive backwards through traffic. When everything was ready, the staff discovered that the motor protection device was faulty. Everyone did not know what to do, but Tomoy started the engine and said, "We have to start shooting." At that time the stunt drove about 70 cars. Tou Ge, who tried to dodge the high-speed motorcycle and did not wear a helmet, was a fatal accident if he was somewhat careless.

Therefore, the film "Mission Impossible 6", many people worry about Tom Cruise, including his doctor. Atango said, "Doctors are very worried, but I said I know the film very well."

The performance of a Tango also made the "Mission Impossible" series more than 20 years old. The first box office of the film weekend in China has passed 500 million yuan and placed the best film in the series "Mission Impossible". Weekend box office record. Regarding the power of such a despair Atango said: "I wanted to make a movie when I was four years old, and I really like making movies … I will always try to make a film."

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