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Original title: Nawuke new song on the line for the film "Sudan" heat wave

As one of the representative figures of Indian cinema, Salman Khan, following the film "Little Lori & # 39; s Monkey Uncle", brought a masterpiece "Sudan", this film even broke the Indian multi-box office archive of the Indian film, this time Sa Mann Khan turned into a wrestler Sultan. The eponymous promotional song of the film "Sudan" was sung by the Chinese rapper Nawuke.

"Uncle Monkey Uncle" Salman Khan organized a battle for love

From the northern city of India, Sudan met the daughter of the struggling coach. To pursue the favorite girl, Sudan who has never touched wrestling started not only from scratch, but also won the local championship in a short time, showing his determination and talent. . Not only did he win the beauty, but he also represented India in the Olympics with his wife, but while he won the Olympic gold medal in Sudan, he lost his beloved family because he was arrogant. The only way to get the heart of his wife to win back is to stand by. Back to his podium! The film "Sudan" is released nationally in 8.31, and I look forward to Salman Khan who shows us again the image of the tough guy he is best at.

Son Doll Nawu Ke Hot Blood Deduction with the same name theme song

Nawukee from Xinjiang became a dark horse in "China & # 39; s New Rap" and a "Son Doll" lit the audience, giving the audience more certainty about my strength. This "Sudan" is the first single that I sang after participating in the show.

The sound of the introductory sound comes in, as if it were quiet before the storm and the opening of the sound, the powerful explosive force immediately brought us into the situation. "Sudan" was composed by Nago himself, sang of the wrestler Sultan sang from the ebb to the top of life, and fell again to the bottom of his life.Go back to Sohu and see more

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