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Network Novels and Jin Yong & # 39; s Novels

The novels of Jin Yong have been given the status of contemporary popular novels. Almost every Jin Yong novel has been widely distributed and there are many sources of inspiration for online writers. Taking Jin Yong as a reference is conducive to improving the overall level of online novels. The problems that arise in today's online novels, such as the problem of homogenisation, the problem of foul language, the lack of peaks and the study of Jin Yong's novels, can be a recipe to learn from Jin Yong. .

The picture shows that on 28 February 2017 the first permanent exhibition hall in Hong Kong with the theme of the famous martial art writer Jin Yong, "Jinyong Pavilion" was unveiled at the Hong Kong Cultural Museum. The pavilion exhibited more than 300 exhibitions, including precious manuscripts, photographs, early novels and various ink paintings. It introduced the early career of Jin Yong, the creation of martial art novels and the influence of his novels on popular culture in Hong Kong. Xinhua News Agency reporter Qin Qingshe

Author: Joe (Anhui University Distinguished Professor)

The long-form online novels that have been serialized over the internet and benefit from this, such as Jin Yong's novels, are among the popular literature from the pedigree of literature. The works of many online writers such as Xiao Ding, Cat Greasy, Jiangnan, Yueguan, Haoyue and High-rise Buildings are clearly influenced by Jin Yong. Online novels are read by online readers & cool texts & # 39; and form a set of narrative rules that attract readers effectively. These rules have vivid examples in the novels of Jin Yong. Such as the aura of the protagonist, the growth and enhancement of the protagonist, the supporting role of the protagonist and the story structure of twists.

As "Shuangwen", the most common story in online novels is the story of the growth of heroes. With as protagonist almost all characters and stories around the protagonist. The protagonist has gone through several adventures, step by step growing up, constantly winning and reaching the top of life. This kind of story mode is the basic rule that attracts readers in today's online novels in China. The novels of Jin Yong are similar to the protagonists of online novels, of which most are young heroes, their readers resemble each other and are ordinary and ordinary young people. The protagonist on the road of struggle is very easy for these readers to find a sense of substitution, the protagonist becomes stronger, reaches dreams, gives the reader an emotional experience and shows people the hope of life. The so-called "cool" is mainly based on the story of the protagonist who practices magic, defeats the opponent and successfully revenges and eventually becomes the winner of life. Guo Jing in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Yang Guo in "The Condor Heroes", Hu Fei in "Flying Fox", Zhang Wuji in "The Heaven and the Dragon", Yuan Chengzhi in "Blood Sword" and "Knights "Shi Tiantian is a young hero. They have experienced all sorts of adventures, or chances to get cheats, or to meet instructions from high-level people, or to get a high level of cultivation, in the process of growing up, getting to know the high-level people, practicing martial arts, harvesting friendship , love Become a & # 39; promising youngster & # 39 ;.

Guo Jing, the protagonist of The Legend of the Condor Heroes & # 39 ;, is a blunt scholastic scholastic, who learns things very slowly, but hardworking and hardworking, he has experienced several setbacks, but Guo Jing has a & # 39; 39; ring aura & # 39 ;, well It always surrounds him. Originally, such an ordinary young man, even with a few martial arts, was no ordinary characters. On the occasion he became the pupil of the Northern Qionghong Qigong, the son-in-law of the eastern Xie Huang pharmacist, and the brother-in-law of the martial arts master Zhou Botong, and he learned the superior martial arts skills such as the eighteen palms of the Dragon Emperor and the Jiuyin Zhenjing. "Wu Mu's suicide letter", the world's most intelligent and beautiful woman Huang Rong, also received the love of the daughter Hua Zheng from Genghis Khan. The novel is against the strength of the opponent to reflect Guo Jing's extraordinary, Jin Guoxiao Wang Ye Yang Kang's character martial arts completely defeated Guo Jing, the western poison Ouyang Feng's nephew Ouyang Ke also Guo Jing defeated. Therefore, the martial art novels of Jin Yong & # 39; tale of adults & # 39; called.

The growth behavior of protagonists is the epitome of the modern new concept, which differs from the Chinese classic novel. In the story of "Journey to the West" Sun Wukong also studied and learned the skills of the seventy-two and had a skill, but Sun Wukong did not have the growth of his skills on the westward road. His main task was to lower the demon. The skills of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang and others in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms have not changed significantly: they continue to use their skills as the story progresses. The protagonist in Jin Yong's novels not only grows in skills and skills, but also changes his mind and emotion from youth to adulthood. Guo Jing finally realized the true meaning of "the great man, the land for the people", Yuan Chengzhi slowly became indifferent to reality, and Yang once changed into an adult generation of heroes, the wicked Xie Xun Before the change, the non- self-destructive martial arts turned into the three treasures.

The novels of Jin Yong describe modern love with a high degree of emotional integration. Guo Jing and Huang Rong, Yang Guo and Xiao Long Now, Qiao Feng and A Zhu, Ling Huchong and Ren Yingying, Jin Yong wrote their long process of knowledge, mutual understanding, dependence to deep love, after the test of life and death, twists and turns, but they are independent They trust each other and grow up together to become spiritual partners of their lives. This love story, filled with the spirit of modern independence and freedom, has also become a universal setting for online novels.

In the story of hero growth, the main character's starting point should not be too high, and it should be a little high to make readers feel the cool feeling of dreaming. Compared to the novels of Jin Yong, online novels quantify the growth of characters, the main line is clearer and there are fewer stories on the sidelines, making reading easier and more in line with the reading needs of today's online readers. The model for growth and upgrading is widely used in different types of works through online novels. In the fantasy novels, after going through the teacher, entering the college, through cheats, medicinal herbs, rituals, cultivating demons, monastic and martial arts, mortals grown to be gods and the most powerful existence in the world , the protagonist on the shop floor is novels of the workplace. White changes in the elite of the workplace: in the official novels the protagonist goes from the base to the high level, in the novel the protagonist opens the territory, builds creditable service and becomes stronger.

Why is the story of the growth and upgrade model so popular in online novels? This is because today's society evolves with every passing day, and people pursue the success of reality. At the same time, the readers of online novels are mostly young people. This step by step, progressive protagonist puts the readers to the comfort of their dreams, illuminates the fear of reality and meets the read expectations of the reader. From the social function of the novel, the growth brigade is a story about the growth of young people: the orientation is positive and positive, it has the effect of inspiring novels The growth of the protagonist depends on the occasion, but they are all nice, simple and sincere people. By working hard and working hard, I finally reached myself.

The martial art novels of Jin Yong usually use the historical dynasties such as Song, Yuan and Ming as a background, and imagine a fictional world of rivers and lakes. In this river and lake world there are different sects or organizations such as Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Sui, Huashan, Kunlun, Suibang, Mingjiao, etc., including the Yellow River Four Ghosts, the Jiangnan Seven Stranges, the Quanzhen Qizi, the Wudang. Qixia and other rivers and lakes. The dragon's palms, Jiuyin Zhenjing, Yiyang fingers, lonely nine swords, sacral palms, Qiankun great movement, microwave Lingbu and other strange martial arts. Online novels have a broader world environment than the books of Jin Yong. The map of the network novelroman is larger: a world environment that combines western magic, the oriental fairy and modern science fiction, with different continents and cosmic interstellar, human, demo-, demons and fairyexistence. The database has been modernized and quantified. In comparison with Jin Yong's novels, martial arts secrets promote the growth of characters. The distinction between strong and weak characters is clearer, and the path of personal cultivation is more difficult and winding and the consciousness of cultivation is stronger. The martial arts in the novels of Jin Yong are often enemies, the ordinary people are vulnerable to the people in the rivers and lakes, but Guo Jing is just as powerless as the Mongolian army, only by his body is Qiao Feng forced to die in presence of Yanmenguan Liaojun. Thanks to sin, and in the network of fantasy novels, the masters of practice become gods, and individuals can easily destroy a country and even dominate the future of the world. From the novels of Jin Yong to online novels, from the imaginary history of the world of rivers and lakes to the active construction of a vast universe, it reflects the determination and will of the individual to conquer the world and create the world.

The various story settings and character relationships of Jin Yong's novels are often taken up by online novels and are included in the story as "stalks". In the postscript of "The Guest": "I escape from Donglin, and I met the prince of the family in the library, met unidentified people, ate and drank, and it was" Ding Ding Ji. "An imperial person became a federal hero, then identity Debunked, it is "Dragon". "The main character of" The Guest "is faced with the dilemma of Qiao Feng in" Tian Long Ba Bu ".The dilemma of Qiao Feng's identity is destined to be someone who is responsible for justice. But Xu Le is stronger than Qiao Feng and relying on personal power can challenge all injustices in the world. In Xiao Ding's "Zhu Xian" Zhang Xiaofan and the two orphans from Lin Jingyu went to Qingyunmen to learn art. The personality and skill of the two people are similar to Guo Jing and Yang Kang in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". One is honest, one is smart and one is slow. An academic achievement has quickly improved. But fate is fond of the first who can come up with the zeal. Zhang Xiaofan is the main player for all possible occasions. In the work "There is a knife", "double knives are divided in the north and the south, a sword is set on the mountains and rivers, Guanxi has a dry hand, and Penglai has a scattered sensation" refers to the five masters , quite similar to the "Evil, Western poison" in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Nandi, Beibei, Zhongshentong. "Several first-class masters have influenced the growth of young people of the younger generation and the younger generations lived under the brilliance of the ancestors.Zhou Xie, the protagonist of" There is a closure ", is too small and it is too difficult to snow knife, but she has accepted the glory of Jiu Niang's glory and the internal strength has increased enormously. "In the experience of the rivers and lakes, the snow knife has finally been put into practice. This is similar to the martial arts process of Guo Jing. Jiuyin Zhenjing of Guo Jing has the opportunity and the digestion of Jiuyin Zhenjing has gone through a long process. In "Ding Ding Ji" Wei Xiaobao and Kangxi are youthful playmates, who become the golden finger of character growth. The relationship between Yang Ling and Zhengde Emperor in the online novel "Back to the Ming Dynasty" is similar. Other story models such as Guo Jing, Yang Guo, Zhang Wuji, Xu Zhu, Ling Huchong, Wei Xiaobao and other ordinary people have been widely adopted by online novels. Their super luck with fierce qiji became the "macho of the protagonist" in online novels. Netizens rated Wei Xiaobao: "I do not know how to kill people in black and white, and I have seven people in my family." Evaluation Guo Jing: "娶 correct Woman, worship the right master, do the right thing." "Zhu Xian" and Jin Yong & # 39; s "Lu Ding Ji" "Eternal Dragon Sword" is quite similar in the concept of justice and evil . Wei Xiaobao in "Deer Ding Ji" is also bad.In the "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji", Zhao Min abandoned the evil spirits, Xie Xun changed his evil spirits, and Zhou Yiruo experienced the process of re-correction of evil. Wei Xiaobao, Zhao Min, Zhou Yiruo and other images make people difficult to distinguish. The famous rivers and lakes in "Zhu Xian" send the heads of Qingyunmen, and the real people are actually bad characters, while the demon "Ghost Wangzong" head and ghost king has a friendly side. Jiangnan's "The Boys in the Present" is a literary novel that imitates Jin Yong's novels. The author lends the names of the characters in Jin Yong's novels to write contemporary life on campus. The charm of Jin Yong & # 39; s novels is full of youthful vitality.

In the legacy of Chinese traditional values, Jin Yong & # 39; s novels and online novels have formed a contextual continuity. The heroes of the martial arts, the people of Deli, the conviction of mankind, the incompetence of evil, the promise of a thousand dollars, the freedom of love, the good and the evil, the lord has a way, these values ​​are passed on through the story of the living characters. The novels of Jin Yong contain Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, they have both the merits of contributions, the spirit of enmity and enmity, the feelings of liberalism, the pursuit of independence and freedom, the arrogance and freedom of the rivers and lakes, as Confucianism and Taoism. Ji, the ideal of life. Like the novels of Jin Yong, online novels are popular novels, they are confronted with the basic level of human nature and meet human desires. Realizing personal goals is the first level. By cultivating martial arts ordinary people have the power of Superman. This kind of force can take revenge for individuals. So Yang Guo, Guo Jing and Yuan Chengzhi are all faced with family revenge with their personal abilities. However, as a great hero, Guo Jing perceives national justice and reflects the feelings of the big man, the country for the people & # 39; and exceeds personal gains and losses. Yang Guo was also obsessed with revenge, but he was later infected by the open-minded personality of Guo Jing and became a generation of heroes. The novels of Jin Yong also created a series of characters with a Taoist cultural personality: the free and soft-spoken Linghu Chong, the old hedgehogs that are away from the rivers and lakes, Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang from the ensemble "Swordsman", Zhang Wuji retiring, transcending these characters The secular ambiguity, leaving the pilgrimage of the conspiracy, has a noble temperament. Zhang Xiaofan in the online novel "Zhu Xian" experienced the peak of life, and the final destination is to return to Cao Miao Village, and Lu Xueqi, an ordinary life. The lack of Ning deficit in "The Night" carries the responsibility of guarding the homeland, showing amazing energy and tenacity, defeating Haitian, and finally living with Sang Sang on the daily life of women to sing. This kind of personality ideal of Confucianism, Taoism and retreat is in line with Jin Yong's novels.

The novels of Jin Yong have been given the status of contemporary popular novels. Almost every Jin Yong novel has been adapted many times into a film and television drama, widely distributed and has a lot of inspiration for online writers. Taking Jin Yong as a reference is conducive to improving the overall level of online novels. There are many beautiful things in the novels of Jin Yong, there are many beautiful things in the novels, such as the fairytale islands full of peach blossoms in the East China Sea, "Peach Blossom Shadows fly Shenjian, Bihai Chaosheng according to Yuxi", poetry in the novel, full of poetry and painting. Guo Jing carries Huang Rong with him to ask a lampmaster to save his life. When he is dealing with fishing, crouching, plowing and reading four martyrs, Huang Rong is witty and dissolving. It is similar to folktales, full of humor and suggestive. The martial arts in the Jin Yong novels have a strong traditional cultural background: Jiuyang Shengong speaks yin and yang, Lingbo microsteps are full of ingenuity and beauty, and hands and hands must be attentive and easy to train. Stone that breaks the air is not literate, but according to the stone sculpture "Tao Xuan Jing", the practice of the gods is practiced. The original calligraphy and martial arts are connected. Jin Yong fighting skills, Go play, know food, geography, folklore, medical skills, poetry and songs, chess and calligraphy, yin and yang, and Qimen armor. His novels have many useless pens and strong knowledge. The story is strongly integrated and has a strong cultural atmosphere. Jin Yong wrote Duan Yu to introduce Camellia, including the first talent, the 18th bachelor, the 13th Taibao, the eight immortals crossing the sea, the seven fairies, the beauty of the face, the hair of the budgerigar, and so on. People are surprised. Jin Yong is a historian who wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes. The appendix is ​​a testimony about Genghis Khan and Quanzhen-Taoism. The great scenes of the Genghis Khan expedition are mostly in keeping with historical facts and extremely rigorous. The characters in the works of Jin Yong are very elegant, the chapter titles are neat and tidy, the language and writing skills are profound, the structure of the novel is special and the story is logical. The novels of Jin Yong pay attention to change, do not repeat themselves and after the seal they constantly change their own work. This kind of perfect writing style is worth learning from online writers. From the point of view of extensive cultural performances, few writers can compete online with Jin Yong, but the online novel inherits Jin Yong and also develops Jin Yong. Many fantasy novels absorb the game and the fantasy elements and become more global, making the content of martial art novels will be expanded. It shows a more powerful imagination, and in the export of foreign cultures it can resonate with European and American readers. From the perspective of the production methods, Jin Yong's novels and online novels are series novels, all of which face the masses of readers. The problems that arise in today's online novels, such as the problem of homogenisation, the problem of foul language, the lack of peaks and the study of Jin Yong's novels, can be a recipe to learn from Jin Yong. .

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