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Original title: Sephora SEPHORA announces the new beauty concept Huang Zikai serves as spokesman for the brand image

Avant-garde gesture that defines beauty. In the light of beauty everyone can explore and create unlimited possibilities for themselves.

On August 31, Shanghai Film Plaza, Sephora SEPHORA, the world's largest high-end beauty retail platform, organized a new concept conference on the concept of beauty and firmly stated the new concept of "Mei Li by Me". Sephora calls on every consumer to discover the power of beauty from the bottom of their hearts, to reinterpret, direct and create the meaning of beauty, and thus to release the unique beauty that belongs to each individual. To speak to more young people about "Mei Li", Sephora invited Huang Zikai to become spokesman for the brand and at the same time introduced the Sephora WeChat applet to open a new experience of omni-channel social retailing: the end of the conference and the first new Sephora SEPHORA concept in Asia The store opens in Shanghai in September.

(Huang Zikai became the spokesperson for Sephora SEPHORA brand image)

A new concept that pioneers attitude & # 39; Made by Me & # 39; leads

Sephora SEPHORA has always been courageous in the spirit of subversion, actively embracing the growing beauty industry and personalized young consumers, based on the border of beauty, and continues to lead the future of the industry. During this conference Sephora SEPHORA has announced the brand new concept "Mei Li by Me", hoping to inspire more beautiful and inspiring, to help every consumer discover, define and create his own beautiful power!

At the same time, Sephora SEPHORA officially announced that Huang Zikai has become the spokesman for the brand. Sticking to what you think, following your personality and always adhering to the unremitting pursuit of beauty, Huang Zikai, who possesses these qualities, is very compatible with the new beauty concept of Sephora Sephora: the brand spirit of Sephora brings more experience with it to open it yourself. And Huang Zikai also added more beauty inspiration to Sephora.

The concept brand "Mei Li by Me", which was interpreted by Huang Zikai, was also launched during the press conference, where the beauty elements of different textures collided to create a colorful visual experience and stimulate a confident and more confident attitude . Through the creative expression of beauty and music, Sephora interprets the concept that my beauty is created by me and calls on everyone to discover their own beauty and to express themselves so personally and to realize the beauty of me. The value of the transfer. As Huang Zikai said: "My understanding of the concept" Mei Li by Me "is similar to my understanding of music, I dare to do it, follow the personality and I can discover and control myself. to Sephora for this beauty platform, let each A beautiful person can open his own beauty! "

(Mei Li by me – Sephora SEPHORA new beauty concept conference empty space card)

Innovation and upgrade omni-channel social retail new experience

Sephora SEPHORA has built an extensive and omnichannel retail system. The closed system of online and offline seamless links breaks the boundaries of time and space, so that everyone can open the American troops anytime and anywhere!

In addition to the official website of Sephora, the official website, Tmall, Jingdong flagship store and Sephora, the online channel also launched the WeChat applet the same day. This is a positive attempt by Sephora to embrace Chinese social culture and Sephora is the first high-end beauty retailer to offer a comprehensive social shopping experience. Consumers can use Sephora's SEPHORA WeChat app to make the world's leading beauty information recommended by Sephora. Search the nearest store immediately and go to your friends to go online and make professional appointments online anytime, anywhere. During the event everyone also knew the new social retail experience of this beauty trend, aesthetic upbringing, social sharing, immediate purchase and other important functions, and became the first users!

In addition to 228 stores in 74 cities, the Sephora site also gives a preview of the first new concept store in Asia, which will be unveiled in Shanghai in September. The concept store has been fully upgraded from store design, brand, technology and service, creating a new breakthrough in the entire beauty retail industry. Innovative breakthrough technologies such as the E-Commerce Wall, which has been built on a large scale in the store, and the virtual virtual virtual experience (Virtual Artist), enable consumers to be more independent in this beauty world of Sephora through technology empowerment. Experience a wide range of professional beauty services and products.

Sephora SEPHORA "Mei Li by Me" will lead a new wave of beauty, bring breakthrough innovation and subversion into the beauty salon, open new perspectives and new fashion, and seamlessly connect seamless closed-loop systems with omnichannel. And the first new advanced concept store in Asia, let every consumer create courage and self-confidence! We believe that the relentless pursuit of the United States, the ongoing exploration and guidance of the US border and the ongoing innovation of experiential services is the best way for Sephora SEPHORA to fulfill its commitment to Chinese consumers.

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