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Original title: The 70th complete list in the history of Strawberry Music Festival Weifang!

The full list of the Weifang Coastal Strawberry Music Festival 2018 was announced.

This is also the 70th complete list in the history of the Strawberry Music Festival.

2 days, 4 stages, 44 groups of musicians

2018 Weifang Coastal Strawberry Music Festival

Time: 25-26 August 2018

Location: Weifang Coastal Kite Flying Field

(3 km southeast of Weifang Happy Sea Beach) Intersection of Hai & # 39; an Road and Haihui Road)

Performance schedule

Strawberry stage

Pu Shu

Since I debuted in 1999, I have made too many songs with a personal population and thoughts. The sensation of young people in the songs, let us know that simple and somewhat obsessive hacks have always been there.

Xie Tianxiao

Xie Tianxiao is by far the most independent and consistent rock hero in the history of Chinese rock music, his music can not be accurately defined and classified.He music comes from his inner world, which is unpredictable, but he is really presented in that In the tones of trickle / storms, with enormous energy, there is a roaring storm on the stage and he is in the middle of the storm, singing with the tens of thousands of viewers in the resonance of body and mind. This is the rock music created by Xie Tianxiao. The world!

Full shuk

Representative of contemporary URBAN MUSIC. Since the release of the first MIXTAPE "YOUNGJACK" in 2009, it has created hundreds of original rap music with many artists singers, and the classic songs are endless. In the scene of music that constantly tried to create challenges, he also successfully won the title of the first rapper in the form of band performances in China.

Zeng Yuke

Singing people. At the beginning of the debut in 2009 she used the delicate and sensitive texts to control and uniquely recognizable voices. The stable volume and the standard also won her recognition of the predecessors of the music circle. Not so long ago the first personal album "Anti! Yico" was launched after drawing the modern sky. I personally tore the labels on my body and let everyone know her again. She was Zeng Keke. The Weifang Coastal Strawberry Music Festival was also the first time she released her new album.

A shop

A new generation of female singers who are iconic figures. In 2011 I was amazed at the song "I eat fried chicken at People & # 39; s Square". Since then, the two albums have been known and the strong creative power has made it the subject of film and television drama and brand favor, whether it concerns "going out of the song" or "washing". She always feels the potential of her music.


A folk singer from Alashan, Inner Mongolia. From "I am in Taiyuan with whom I feel sad" to "Rose" and "The youth of the dog day", each of his songs is struggling to share and sing.


"From the 1988 – OB03 brothers", all OB03 works from 2016 to the present have been independently arranged by two people, with a very high musical talent and creative ability at a young age. The Twins combination in the rap circle is extremely rare and the natural tacit understanding is played in their daily creations and performances on the stage. "One team, two lives."


Mosaic is good at creating rich DANCE ROCK music with a nice and direct rhythm, their music draws from disco, new wave, dancepunk and other elements and they are freely disassembled and reorganized, which is destined for mosaic. The scene becomes a crazy swing party that never ends. "All people play mobile phones" "Night Cat" and other songs sung by Wang Feng are still impressive, but they're already preparing for a new album!

Luminous curve

The four members carefully outline the luminous curve. Each tone is filled with enthusiasm, imagination, energy and insanity. Entering music is like entering a film or a dream. Vocals are used as musical instruments in their music, only at the right time. The texts reflect the true representation of society and the desire and fear of the unknown, and use the language of the language outside the human being to babbling and to emanate the unique of ink painting. Eastern properties.


Known for its progressive work and striking performances, the contemporary DA BANG is one of the most internationally temperamental rock bands in the country. "Dancing is meditation of activities", they take you on a multidimensional spiritual world.

Crazy mouse

The new trend of youth is always changing and one and a half will not know who the world will be. "Crazy Mouse" is a young wave from Hubei: the beating bass, the cold drums, the shimmering guitar, the revolving loop and the singer from space take you on a suspension muscle for a golf trip! You can experience different emotions from their songs, sometimes arrogant, sometimes timid, sometimes weak, sometimes skeptical and occasionally complete jealousy in the virtual world under a variety of emotional crosses.

Tang cat

The first new power of R & B in modern heaven sang like a band. The style is delicate and romantic and combines the elements of the East and the West. The unique hearing is intertwined with the five-tone scale, Pop, R & B, Soul, Hiphop, etc., which enters into the observation angle of the "cat" , gives emotions and content and passes them on with music. self attitude.

Love stage

Miserable Faith

At present, one of China's most prestigious rock bands has released a total of seven albums and EP & # 39; s and has participated in several special performances and music festivals for hundreds of performances, and has a large group of fans with different age groups and identity traits.

New pants

Today, China's most unique and adventurous idol rock band, they have always been at the forefront of the trend with a unique retro feel throughout the years, and led the development of Chinese fashion culture with the " new trouser system "aesthetics.

Hu Defu

Known as "the father of Taiwanese folk songs" and "father of folk songs." In the early 1970s, classical songs such as "Hurry", "Children on the Back of the Cow" sang, "Dawushan is a beautiful mother", "Flying Fish Clouds and the Taipei Basin", "Beautiful Island" and so on , the most symbolic songs in Taiwan. He also sang the sigh of missing his birthplace, and recorded the way and life he had traveled with his vicissitudes of life and power. In 2005 he returned to release his first solo album "Hurry" and won the Golden Song Award "Best of the Year" and "Best Lyricist" for "Wind of the Pacific" and won the unanimous praise at home and abroad. Since 2012, the music albums and singles such as "Dawushan Blues", "Fragrance Valley", "Tear" and "Boundless" have been released, and various "Chinese Golden Songs" and folk songs have won awards.

Battle axe

China's famous rock-and-n-roll pioneer is a very influential heavy rock band. Their diverse musical elements, dominant genres, sharp texts and powerful performances have given them a big following. In September 2016, Tomahawk released the second full-length album "Deep Sea" after fifteen years, in 2018 Tomahawk will launch an extensive EP album, new music works and new forms of action will surely brag everyone. Both hearing and vision are amazing.

Rotating bowling

The most popular Chinese rock band, which prefers international music festivals, is known for its lack of passion and bodyswing. The triple European tour was invited by the big music festival including Mighty Sounds and was called "Best Live Band" and "Best Party Band".

Big wave

At the moment, the most influential New Wave and electronic dance music group in China, they used the music with great personality and appeal, and they worked together with the excitement and artistic stage performance to successfully complete the scenes of major music festivals at home and abroad. to conquer.

Tea jelly

Five social characters and friends with different thinking styles run together in the name of the music, their music is fresh and not artificial, beautiful and sweet and all natural beauty is revealed!


Indie rock band Keno, debut album from 2008 "Goodbye!" Victoria "has brought an unprecedented tribute In 2015, the new single" The Call of Shanwei "came out, netease cloud music commentary broke thousands of times and has brought surprises for many years in the Chinese independent music scene No cynicism, no revolutionary ambitions, which Keno tried to show, was a somewhat melancholy mood in the building's own unique world view.

Street kills strange animals

Their music combines indie rock, experimental rock and rock and roll, and they constantly try to change. Their scenes will share the passion and momentum that is different from the outside, and you will bring you into an ineffable music space. "Their music style is classified as noise rock and experimental rock, influenced by alternative rock in the United States in the 1990s. Some people say their scene has a passion that is not willing to be mediocre, but no one can describe them exactly . " – Noisey I evaluated them that way.

the clouds

The popular singer on the mainland, her voice is called "cloud sound". Representative works: "Love is you and me", "My Loulan", "Twilight", "Stubborn". He received the 15th engineer prize from the 12th spiritual civilization building of the Central Propaganda Department and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala sang "Farewell Grassland" and "Chinese Hand in Hand".

MSE phase

Bas Guo

China & # 39; s largest producer of electronic music and DJ. He is rooted in Beijing, the largest cultural and art center in Asia, plus years of live performances around the world. He is more aware of the nature of electronic music for young musicians. His scene will awaken every cell of the body in a more stereoscopic way and concept, accelerate the chemical reaction in the body and end up in a magically strong whirlwind.


DJ, dopamine electronics label, founder of dopamine radio, party organizer.


She graduated from the management school of Yisangcang University in Bangkok and enjoys electronic music. After being back in China for two years, she quickly became the most popular BASS / Trap DJ in the Southwest.


The artist of the modern sky electronic music label MSE is also the only DJ producer in China who focuses on Progressive House. House is his root and his emotional carrier.


As a rock musician in the glory days of China, Ou Yang has influenced countless young people with shocking rock music. Nowadays he is a strong DJ in the electronic dance industry and he puts his unique inspiration and passion for music in every DJ scene! Now he still leads the brand new "Stars". It is these rich experiences and experiences with music creation that make him unique in many Chinese DJs. The passion for rock music is warm and passionate, and the exciting melody is mixed with its boiling electronic rhythm. The beat is so full of sensitivity and softness under the fingers.


Spyfi is China's most exotic producer of electronic music, the strange sampling concept and the alternative bassline composition, the unexpected personal editon library and the intriguing selection of songs, making his SET unique. For many years he has been active on the stage of major music festivals in China, every dance floor he has has his own energy and motivation!


Xi & # 39; an Music Promotion Pioneer, former member of the synthesizer band TBOR, went on board major music festivals such as Zhang Guan Li Dai and Modern Sky Strawberry. In addition to supporting many international HipHop and electronic musicians, individuals have also been active in domestic LiveHouse and underground clubs.


Based on styles such as House / Techno / Progressive House, Kris' music scene has a rich sense of scene and creates an abstract atmosphere in the party scene with deep drums and ethereal melody.


Profix in the mix of Grime, Club Trax, Afrobeats and other styles in the Set, Luxixi has gradually become a mature DJ symbol in the underground music scene, unique music selection and control of the world's most advanced music trends, so they is loved by the public.


Yunnan famous staircase, Bass DJ, active in various parties and music festivals. SIS is not limited to the music style, and the SET has a lot of fun. On his stage you can always hear the elements of diversity, and a quality party that spreads good music is always the requirement of SIS!


Orange Ocean

The three-man band from Qingdao, influenced by the golden age of Brit-pop, absorbs the music nutrition of its predecessors such as Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, etc., while integrating internal self-awareness with the world view, which is far-reaching. A new generation of British voice that does not fail. Today Brit-pop is fading, they still choose to go upstream and implement the new possibilities of British rock in an independent and inclusive way.


82band comes from Shandong and controls Chinese, Cantonese, English and other language styles. The songs contain a large number of electronic elements, with a heavy or light rhythm, can be spent on the mirror or cracks. They stood on the spiritual principle that "the scene is life and creation is the soul". Constantly evolve, evolve and constantly challenge the higher quality of the site and the work.

Acid event

Founded in 2015, the style is electronic core / rapper / chip. Its work revolve around the "green life". and the new horizon of the universe. They have detailed annotations in the background and surrealistic themes, and strive to sublimate the hearing to the visual shock. Break through everything.

Convention theory

Convention theory is a band based on post-rock and chamber pop. They are loyal to the use of musical notes to represent beautiful images, the beautiful and dreamy journey of life, under the gentle face of strings and piano, sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes shocking, full of streetlights, such as smoke, form their unique expression sources.


Big steam home

Based on traditional metal music, rooted in traditional rock music and drawing nutrients from different styles, Big Steam House has created its own unique music style.


They continue to explore the wave of new music, form a musical style with nuclear as a carrier, a combination of post-shake, pop-punk and other different elements, based on fierceness it focuses on the arrangement of the melody.

Attic performance class

After the performance group in the rock band attic, in the summer of 2016, a certain loft in Qingdao was established.


When your emotions are unconscious, when you long for a clear but mysterious space, when you are locked in a colorful spiritual world, you need a voice that touches the mind. LOW NOISE does not make the ears of the audience deliberate, nor can it create a rhythm that can pin you down. If their spiritual world is a castle under the sun, then it all comes from "love".


The Hasso group consisting of A3, Lao Nie and Yan Yang is based on Pop Punk and Dance Punk. The simple and light melody, the text of the catchy mouth is like youthful sunshine, but it is not difficult to see that they are looking into their eyes. Social responsibility. In recent years, the works have added electronic elements, the texts are sincere, the songs are subtle and they are full of arrogance, sometimes youthful and sometimes sad in self-reflection.

Left behind children

Active in the big live houses, the rich experience has allowed them to grow quickly, the first album has just been released: the title track "Bengbu" is a new style of Chinese new metal, the high voice plus human voice will make the ear infinite surround: "under" It will be the representative of the emo mechanism with rebellious spirit: "The moment of the sun rises" is the masterpiece of popular metal.


Independent musician.


Musician C.J, 17 years old, hit rock music, contacted HIP-HOP in 2015 and founded a rap team called "Haimen School" in Tianjin, which gave her love and passion to make music.

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