The mother of Li Xiaoyan is rare. The 62-year-old body is still slim and beautiful – worry-free information

The 14th Changchun Film Festival held its closing ceremony on 8 September and a group of actors attended the ceremony.

Besides the popular artists, the festival organizers also invited some old artists to appear and pay tribute to the classical works. Of the four old artists who have been invited this time, one of you may already know. She is Li Xiaoyu's mother, Zhang Weixin.

Zhang Weixin, now 62 years old, is still slender and dressed in a white loose dress, dressed in pearl earrings and a long hair scarf.

As an old artist who has been a fan of the old age, Li Xiaoyu's mother is indeed in good condition, with fair skin and few wrinkles. At the same time, it can be seen that she was born with very good facial features.

Zhang Weixin's father is Chinese and his mother is Russian, he is a Chinese-Russian mixed race. Therefore, Li Xiaolu also inherited the beauty of her mother.

In August, the birthday of Li Xiaoyu's father, a family of four, also appeared together for his birthday.

I was previously photographed by netizens and it looks very hot with the photo of Li Xiaoying with her daughter and her mother and father.

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