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Original title: "The Prince of Lipstick" Dai Jingyao will make a romantic debut

"The Prince of Lipstick" Dai Jingyao will make a romantic debut

Yesterday, China's first "Idol Drama" beauty show "Puzzle Prince" officially announced the dossier on September 4. The host, He Wei, will lead Dai Jingyao, Mike, Qin Fen and Fei Qiming to explore the ways in which men and women can get along, and tailor make-up for female guests. The popular idol Dai Jingyao will romantic debut and audience of the "warm prince". meet.

"Warmheart Prince" changed to "beauty trainer"

Dai Jingyao was very popular with the public because of his participation in the second season of this year's internet "The Son of Tomorrow". The franchise of "Pension Prince" is even more exciting for fans. In the personal promo of Dai Jingyao released by "Men Lipstick", he wears a white shirt, his temperament is clean and refreshing, and he laughs and says "Super like you" to the camera. He can not help his heart to beat faster, its beautiful appearance and superior height of 186 are also good. It is very much in line with the setting of the "warm prince" in the program.

"Old Cadre" challenges beauty show for the first time

In his life Dai Jingyao is actually an old frame, he is passionate about all kinds of health care, he usually does not like to go out, likes to watch movies at home, he does not like dress up if he does not work, he is ridiculed by fans & # 39; and also interviewed. There are six abdominal muscles visible in the middle. In the "Men Lips Prince" program, he not only has to distinguish all kinds of make-up tools, but also personally give the female guests a make-up according to the given questions: in life he is a beautiful man or a beauty painter. ? The execution of Dai Jingyao in the first episode has aroused the curiosity of many netizens.

Dai Jingyao plays steadily this year, and the drama and variety show are parallel. Besides the second season of the variety show "Tomorrow & # 39; s Son" and the coming "Puzzle Prince", the film and television drama "Da Zhou Xiao Bingren" with him in the lead is in full swing. With excellent formal conditions and a number of work blessings, I believe that Dai Jingyao can continue this year!

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