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Original title: Shi Xiaolong, "Wu Dong Qian Kun" closed tonight Netizens shouted and hoped to meet again.

The large-scale costume drama & Wu Dong Qian Kun & # 39; with Yang Yang, Wang Likun, Shi Xiaolong and other actors will be closed for the Oriental TV tonight. Since the launch, the show has received more than 3 billion webcasts. In the piece Xiao Long, who plays the role of Xiaolong, has become a hot object of the audience, he has successfully demonstrated the arrogant and intimate appearance of Lin Yan and his acting skills are remarkable.

Shi Xiaolong Wu Dong Qian Kun

As a costume drama, the TV series & # 39; Wu Dong Qian Kun & # 39; the story of Lin Dong and his party that punishes evil and promotes good and strives for justice. As a powerful assistant of Lin Dong, Shi Yan played a role in the drama, and most played in person. In addition to dazzling and solid action dramas, he explained Lin Yan's ignorance and cuteness in a human form. The drama always adorns the image of the brothers with sincerity and loyalty. For Lin Yan, who is about to say goodbye to everyone, the audience is also reluctant to say: "I do not want to say goodbye to the cute little Xiaoyan."

Shi Xiaolong

In the "Wu Dong Qian Kun" for the first time played the role of human and animal unity, which is quite a challenge for Shi Xiaolong, but he still uses his solid acting skills to perfectly portray the characters and won the praise of public. It is said that the piece is divided into two parts, the last part ends in tonight and the next part will also be discussed with you in October. In the second half of the story, the characters played by Xiaolong will provide even more surprises. I am already looking forward to Lin Yan and the public meeting.

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