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According to reports in the foreign media, the message you received from childhood is that there is only one natural satellite on earth, it is the moon. In the solar system, however, some other planets have many satellites. Why is there only one planet in which we live? It does not look like that. A new study shows that the moon is only the largest satellite on earth, and there are actually other & # 39; mini satellites & # 39; around the earth, but they are very small and come and go often, so people have almost never noticed them.

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The latest research paper published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences indicates that small objects in space often rotate around the earth. They are very small, only one to two meters in diameter and as a result of irregularities this opens the door for scientists to understand the life cycle of an asteroid.

The researchers said that the first "mini-moon" was discovered in 2006. This is the first time people have discovered natural objects around the moon that move around the earth. Obviously this rock was caught by the gravity of the earth.

Scientists refer to these objects as TCO & # 39; s and TCF & # 39; s, who & # 39; temporarily imprisoned orbiters & # 39; and & # 39; temporarily caught plane & # 39; represent. As their names suggest, these celestial bodies do not move around the earth for a long time and will soon bounce back into space. Among them, the TCO will complete at least one complete circulation operation, while the TCF will only sweep the earth under high-speed flights.

So far, scientists have observed only one TCO discovered in 2006, but they believe that the new space telescope technology will enable people to discover more and more of this type of objects on a regular basis. By then astronomers can conduct more detailed research into it.

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