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2018-09-19 11:21:19 Source: Beijing News

(Original title: the first passenger round the moon, the commercialization of spacecraft is not far away)

With the development of deep space exploration in the solar system in recent years, the day that earth people became the space, it is possible that people are not far away.

At 9:00 in the morning in Beijing yesterday, SpaceX boss announced Musk for a huge rocket in live video. The 43-year-old Japanese prosperous Yusaku Maezawa becomes the first great Falcon in history in 2023. The Rocket (BFR, Big Falcon Rocket) and the Big Falcon spaceship enjoy a private round-the-moon tour.

Maestro Yuzawa is the founder of Zozotown, Japan's largest online website, and was named "Ma Yun of Japan" by the netizens. In 2017, his personal capital was $ 3.6 billion and was ranked 14th on the Japanese rich list. When he was young, he founded the band and was the founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. His mansion was full of works of art that he collected. Yuzawa Yusuke announced that he would choose to invite 6 to 8 artists to join the moon together. This round-the-moon tour will quickly reach the course at 200 kilometers from the moon. Although the costs of Qianze's payment have not been announced, it is estimated at 100 to 500 million US dollars.

Musk guarantees: "The first flight test of the BFS spacecraft without a manned version will be extended from April next year until December of the end of the year." If everything goes well, it will be in orbit around the earth within two or three years.

Resume the month cream after fifty years

In this speech Musk also gave a detailed overview of the spacecraft that carried out the mission – the combination "BFR Rocket + BFS Spacecraft" will be the final version, there will be no major changes.

The new BFS spacecraft has a total length of 55 meters and an interior space of up to 1000 cubic meters, and even exceeds a few space stations. There are 40 cabins in the spaceship, each accommodating up to five or six people, usually two or three. In the future, this big man will transport about 100 people to and from Mars.

At the beginning of the year, Musk had used a Tesla sports car to launch the orbit between Earth and Mars. In the future, reusable rockets and spacecraft will greatly reduce costs, making space transport enter the commercial era. One step closer. Moreover, Musk's vision is even more ambitious: let millions of people emigrate to the moon and Mars or live in space.

From the names of BFR and BFS, we can also see Musk's ambition. The Falcon was once the name of the Apollo 15 lunar module. Astronaut David Scott once wore a Falcon feather. On the moon the feathers and a hammer were released on the surface of the moon, and both landed simultaneously to verify Galileo's theory of free fall. Musk, born in Silicon Valley, apparently pays tribute to human feuding 50 years ago.

So far only 12 astronauts have set foot on the moon all over the world, witness the "great desolation" of the moonless silent world (the evaluation of Apollo 11 astronaut Baz Aldrin on the surface of the moon) There are also 12 astronauts flying around the moon.

Since the end of the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, people have not been involved in the moon, but the dream of landing on the moon has never been cut off. Hollywood star Tom Hanks played and directed many film and television works that reflected the Apollo program. Some astronauts even thought that someone in our generation would have to buy a single trip to settle on Mars. Musk's moon and Mars settlement plan have brought us hope again.

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