100 m semi-final Su Bingtian & # 39; s total score second Xu Zhouzheng was eliminated – question and answer to Alibaba

Original title: 100 m men semi-final Su Bingtian's total score second Xu Zhouzheng was eliminated

On 26 August, the time of Beijing, the Asian Games of 2018 in Jakarta played in the competition for the eighth matchday. The track and field events entered the second day of play, in the semi-finals of the 100-meter project for men Su Bingtian was in first place in the second group and the second final score was promoted to the final, Xu Zhouzhen was the first in the group. Three, the total score in tenth place, missed the final.

The semi-finals of the 100-meter project of the men were divided into three groups: the younger Xu Zhouzheng left in the first group and the famous Su Bingtian left in the second group.

In the first group of matches Muhammad played a score of 10 seconds and 21, which were ranked first in the group. Local player Muhammad Zoe got out of his personal career best score of 10 seconds 24, classification group Secondly, Xu Zhouzheng ran out of 10 seconds 36 and became third in the group.

In the second group match Su Bingtian left on the fifth road, he started the acceleration very well in this race, led the first 30 meters and took a position in. After dozens of meters came the next toxin of Su Bingtian-Ogunod The fight was very fierce and that caused a lot of pressure on Su Bingtian. Fortunately Su Bingtian gained a lead in the first 30 meters and eventually took the lead through the finish line. The score was 10 seconds 16. Tosin-Ognold The score is 10 seconds 20, second place, Cambridge Birds ran 10 seconds 36, third place.

In the third group match, the Japanese star Yamagata Shinta was not dominant in the starting reaction and eventually crossed the finish line with a score of 10 seconds 10, and Yangizy, the player of Yangjie, first place with 10 seconds 17 Two, Tafeldian & # 39; s score is also 10 seconds 17, but lost to Yang Junyi third place.

In the final total score, Shanxian Liangtai ranked first with 10 seconds 10, Su Bingtian ranked second with 10 seconds 16 and Yang Junyi ranked third with 10 seconds 17. Xu Zhouzheng ranked 10th, sorry for the final to be missed.

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