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Beijing time on August 21 news, 2018 Jakarta Asian Games Taekwondo women 57 kg class, Chinese player Luo Zongshi all the way through the final, beat the defending champion South Korean Li Ailun 6-5 in the final, won the gold medal, this is the Chinese Taekwondo team The first gold of these Asian games.

The women 57kg class, the Chinese team sent Luo Zongshi to play, this is her first time to participate in the Asian Games. Before that Luo Zongshi was already famous: the World Taekwondo Grand Slam Series of this year was the first stop, Luo Zongshi played at home and played well, in the final he dared to shoot and beat the opponent to win the championship. Last year's National Games and National Championships, the youngster also had a good performance, which closed the qualifications for the Asian Games.

In this competition there were fewer women with a weight of 57 kg, the first round of Luo Zongshi was immediately completed and in the second round she had resistance from a player from Kazakhstan. The two sides fought fiercely and the scores alternated.On the crucial moment Luo Zongshi's insight was better. Strong, grab the opponent's meshes directly in the foot, 14-11, Luo Zongshi was shocked and unconventional and belonged to the top eight.

In the quarter finals Luo Zongshi faced the Indonesian player Sinta, the latter's power was average. In this game, Luo Zongshi suppressed the opponent from the opening. The high kick was very threatening and made the opponent uncomfortable. In the next game Luo remained Zongshi strong and strong. Regulating the game's initiative, and eventually a 28-2 disparity score to achieve a solid victory, broke through in the semi-finals.

In the next semi-final, Luo Zongshi went on in the good condition, who defied the challenge and eliminated Philippine Lopez in 11-4 to advance to the final. In the final Luo Zongshi was adjusted in time for the unfavorable situation. The second and third game completely suppressed the opponent. In the third game he played a small highlight. The result was 6-5 and won the gold medal. The defending champion South Korean star Li Ailun won second place. (Luo Luo / text)Go back to Sohu and see more

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