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Original title: China Asian Games Corps has laughter and tears

Women's volleyball team strongly ahead Screens encounter swimming challenges

Zhu Ting is bent. Picture courtesy Osports

The men's backstroke of 200 m, Xu Jiayu, won the championship. Xinhua News Agency

The Chinese men's Saber team missed the team final. Picture courtesy Osports

Yesterday, 17 gold medals were won, the total number of gold medals surpassed the gold medals of the second, third and fourth delegation. The Chinese sports delegation made great leaps at the Asian Games in Jakarta. It seems that, as some foreign journalists said at the Asian Games, it is just as easy for Chinese athletes to win gold medals at the Asian Games. Despite the fact that the gold medals of the Chinese delegation are far ahead, every gold medal is the result of the hard work of athletes, while Chinese athletes also experience the pain of losing in some projects.

The most popular match yesterday was the confrontation between the Chinese women's volleyball team and the Korean team. Four years ago, the Asian Games in Incheon, it was the South Korean team that won the Chinese women's volleyball team in the final and the dream of the five consecutive championships of the Chinese women's volleyball team came to an end. Four years later, the Chinese women's volleyball team got out of the trough after training Lang Ping and re-ranked on the highest podium of the 2016 Olympics. During this expedition to Jakarta, the Chinese women's volleyball team sustained a large number of injuries and Lang Ping was stretched out. Yesterday, however, against the old rival South Korea, the Chinese volleyball team clearly has advantages, beating the South Korean team 25:21, 25:16 and 25:16 to reach a winning series of three games. Zhu Ting only scored 18 points and showed the superstar style.

The women's Asian tennis women's championships will be directly connected to the Tokyo Olympics, making this gold medal match more intense, but in the semi-finals yesterday, Golden Flower beat their opponents by 2: 0 and closed the gold medal. medal faster than planned. It also helped the Chinese team to win four consecutive championships in the women's tennis singles at the Asian Games. The two Chinese golden flowers are Zhang Shuai and Wang Hao.

It is said that girls' snacks have been collected, but they are invincible in Asian games. Yesterday they won the Chinese Hong Kong team at 123: 31 and they won the group four games. After four group matches, the Chinese basketball team won 266 points and won 66 points per game. It seems that winning the championship is the minimum goal of the team.

Yesterday also showed the strength of China is the swimming location of the Asian Games. In the 800 m free competition for women, the Chinese players won the championship and runner-up, Wang Jianjiahe won the second prize of the personal project of Asian Games with 8 minutes 18 seconds 55, and broke the 8 minutes and 23 seconds 55 created by Li Xuanxu in the Asian Games of 2010. Asian Games record. In the 200 meter backstroke, Chinese player Xu Jiayu won the fourth gold medal in his own Asian games with a score of 1 minute 53 seconds 99.

However, there are winners who get frustrated. The day before yesterday was the badminton team of the Chinese women, who wanted to get out of the shadow of Uber's defeat, again hit hard and it was reversed by the Japanese team in the team final Yesterday the team of Chinese men's beats was defeated by the Iranian team to 45:43 in the semifinals of the group. The Chinese women's foil team lost the Japanese team in the team final with a sword. In the ladies' round 4 × 100m medley relay last night, the Chinese team was disqualified for errors. The swimming game of today's Asian Games is over and the Chinese swimming team has been seriously challenged by the Japanese team. In the last Asian Games, the Chinese swimming team won 22 gold medals, which is 10 more than the Japanese team, but so far the Japanese swimming team has won more gold medals and medals than the Chinese team. Our reporter Lin Huawei

The game is not only the result

In the road race of the Asian Games of 2018 the translators fight hard, never give up and win the silver. On the badminton court, Shi Yuqi worried about his opponent's injury and showed his nurturing spirit after being injured in the Malaysian Jin Ting. Chinese players show positive energy in sports at the Asian Games.

Thinking "faster, higher, stronger" is the dream of competitive sports. The spirit of hard work and hard work that exude sports fairs is inspiring. On the 22nd a moving scene took place during the 100 km cycling event on the women. In the last 50 meters the Chinese player hastened to recharge and thus surpassed the Japanese and Chinese Taipei players and won a silver medal. After passing the finish line, the 26-year-old girl of Yunnan faded like a piece of paper, fell to the floor, breathed and then stood up and supported the railing to surrender. Her legs were trembling and she could not walk. She had to be sent to the ward after the game for treatment.

Sport friendship, the field is the opponent, the field is a friend. Chinese players compete fairly at the Asian Games, respect their opponents and become friends. In the finals of the badminton men's team on the 22nd, the first appearances of Shi Yuqi and the Malaysian Jin Ting played inseparably for the Chinese team. After the first two matches of the two men were 1: 1, Jin Ting scratched the leg at the crucial moment of the 19:19 level in the third game, lying in the pain on the field. Looking at the opponent who fell to the ground, Shi Yuqi leaned forward and crossed the net and gently stroked Jin Ting with his hand to show consolation. After Jin Ting could not insist on the match and was carried out on the stretcher, Shi Yuqi was worried about visiting the ground and comforting his opponent.

Sport is an international language, people can communicate freely without even having to interpret or explain.This makes sporting events a platform for mankind to form friendships. The sports spirit carries the spiritual connotations of friendship and unity, peace and justice, care and respect. Chinese athletes compete with Asian countries and regions in the Asian games, they strive for hard work and win gold while showing the positive energy of sports, they must cheer for their great achievements!

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