China-Japan Swimming Asian Games against Olympic Games Olympic Games Olympic Games in Prospects China-Japan Asian Games Medley_ 新浪 新闻 Jakarta 24 August After six days of competition, the Jakarta Asian Games swimming competition came to an end. The total number of gold medals in the Chinese team and the Japanese team was split equally at 19:19. Although it has continued the undefeated record of the Asian team at the Asian Games since Busan in 2002, what are the prospects for the two teams in the Tokyo Olympics two years later?

On the evening of August 24, the Asian Games swim men 4 at 100m medley relay race, the Chinese team won the championship. China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming photo

Evenly divided, the Chinese and Japanese teams each take 19 gold.

Four years ago, the Incheon Asian Games, the Chinese swimming team pressed the 10 gold medals of the Japanese team with 22 gold and won the victory. At the Asian Games in Jakarta, however, the Chinese team benefited from the last medal relay of the men of 4x100m to beat the Japanese team to win the championship with a small advantage of 0.04 seconds and eventually 19 gold with the old opponents. There is no profit or loss. At the Olympics, however, the Chinese team pressed the opponent at 17:16.

Sun Yang, who has the reputation of "King of Freestyle", took four individual gold medals in the Asian Games and won the silver medal in two projects. Backstroke Xu Jiayu took part in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke. The 4x100m medley and the mixed mid relay race of the men and women won the championship in five projects, crowned "Hardware King". On the other hand, after the 00 supernova Chiyou Liuhuazi, the Japanese team won six gold medals including two relay gold medals, which showed excellent strength.

Cheng Hao, the Chinese swim team leader, said the overall result matches the prognosis for the game. He introduced that the starting point for participation of the Chinese team was in training. Among the 52 athletes, 71% took part in the Asian Games for the first time. A number of young players including Yan Haiyang, Yan Zibei and Ji Xinjie emerged during the competition. "Although there is some regret, there is some practice in the competition."

On August 24, local time, Sun Yang completed the last game of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta – the men's 1,500 meters freestyle and won the championship with 14 minutes and 58 seconds 53. China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming photo

Looking forward to the Olympics

During the performance of the Asian Games, Sun Yang & # 39; s 400m freestyle men, Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Li Zhuyu and Yu Hexin's 4x100m medley relay and non-Olympic projects, Liu Xiang & # 39; s 50 m backstroke for women ranked first in the world in the season, Liu Xiang also broke the world record in the project. In addition, Xu Jiayu's 100-and 200-meter backstroke scores fell into the top three in the season, Wang Shun fourth in the men's 200-meter medal and won the gold medal in the wilderness.

The Chinese team won 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze at the Olympic Games in Rio. Besides Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu in the Olympic cycle in Tokyo, Wang Shun also has the power to compete with the Japanese famous generals Kanno and even Kalisz and Mitch Lakin in the 200-meter-long medley. In Japan, Xiao Guan, who won the 100 meters and 200 meters breast stroke champion, is also capable, and the 400 meter long medley with Kanno and Seto Ohno is also one of the most important Japanese gold medals.

As far as women are concerned, I have just won the Ikemi Shikoko of the 100 meter butterfly mug in the 56 minutes 08 and the Asian Games have easily updated the record by 56 seconds. Although Li Bingjie won the 200-meter freestyle, there is still a gap between the best results of Chi Jiang's season, the power of the Japanese supernova roasting the Olympics. Also worthy of attention are Wang Jianhe and Li Bingjie, who won gold and silver medals in the 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle. "They may have played well after being tightened and grown, including the women's 4x200m freestyle relay that was only lost to the champion American team at the World Championships in Budapest for 1.57 seconds," said Cheng Hao.

On August 22, local time, the Asian Games men's 4x100m medley relay final, the Chinese team won the championship with 3 minutes 40 seconds 45 and broke the record of the Asian Games. The photo shows the Chinese team Zhu Menghui, Zhang Yuxi, Yan Zibei, Xu Jiayu (left of left) to show the gold medal. China News Agency reporter Hou Yushe

New and old substitutes, the leader is no longer a single shadow

"The Chinese swimming team has had a good momentum in the last year of the World Championships in Budapest and has completed the transition between old and new." I believe I can get even better results at the Tokyo Olympics, "the Yang Sheng Yin" issue of the Chinese swimming army, and Hao believes the overall trend of the women's team is upward. "Many female athletes have just started. international, they have to upgrade themselves on the international scene, such as the Asian Games and the World Championships. The extensive sports games not only compete for strength, but also have many comprehensive factors, such as physical fitness, psychology and adaptability to the environment. Training is very important to them. "

Although he failed to beat the Japanese team in the gold medal list, according to Han Bingyan, the famous coach of the Chinese swimming team, the number of young players who went to the Asian Games was large, reflecting the thickness of Chinese swimming talent. On the other hand, the lack of a leader among young players is also an indisputable fact. "For example, in the back of the women the state of Fu Yuanhui is not good, but there are no newcomers (throwing), we will gradually tap on talents and strive to improve the performance of the women's team by two years of efforts, and strive to become newcomers at the Tokyo Olympics. "

The maturity of Xu Jiayu is another big win for the Chinese team. He has just mentioned his 23rd birthday and has repeatedly said that he hopes to let Captain Sun Yang share responsibility and pressure. Sun Yang also said that he hopes more young players will stand up and betray the flag of Chinese together with himself. "Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu are the leaders and leaders of Chinese swimming and I hope they can shine at the Tokyo Olympics," said Cheng Hao. (Lu Yan Ma Yuanhao)

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