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2018-08-21 02:58:29 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

Sun Yang Xu Jiayu two gold began Wang Shun counterattack to win
China Swimming Army Sanjie

Xu Jiayu is getting better and better.

(Reporter Liu Ailin) ​​The Asian Games in Jakarta ended the second day of the swimming match at the Gloria Ponkano Aquatic Center last night. The Chinese swimming team won three gold medals in the competition for the seven events. Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu won the 800 m freestyle and the 50 m backstroke final for men, and they all won their second gold medal in these Asian Games. Wang Shun returned the championship to the men's 200 m medley final. The Japanese swimming team won the championship of four other projects and at the moment the Chinese and Japanese swimming teams scored 7-7 in the total number of gold medals.

Sun Yang swam 7 minutes, 48 ​​seconds, 36 in the 800 m free finals of the men, creating a new Asian record, this is his second crown in this competition and he won three times in the Asian Games. The seventh gold medal. Sun Yang also won the gold medal Grand Slam in the free style from 200 meters to 1500 meters in the Asian Games with this champion. Ji Xinjie, another Chinese participant, won the 5th place in the project. Xu Jiayu, who won first place in the 100 m backstroke of the men on the first day, also fought yesterday. He won the 50 m backstroke of the men with a score of 24 seconds and 75. This is exactly the same as the time he won in this year's national championship. Xu Jiayu's old enemy, the Japanese star, entered Jiangling and won the number two in 24 seconds 88. From now on Xu Jiayu and Sun Yang also start with two gold coins. Wang Shun, the first person in the Chinese medley, made his debut yesterday and won the men's mix of 200m with 1 minute 56 seconds 52 without being optimistic about the outside world. The first 150 meters of Wang Shun are behind the popular champion, Japan Kanno, but the last 50 meters suddenly made Wang Shun the first touch, the first time in the international competition long pool competition over the wilderness. Mr. Kanno was only second after 0.23 seconds and the Chinese teenager won the third place with 1 minute 57 seconds 09. The other four gold medals were won by the Japanese team, including the 18-year-old woman who won the gold medal in the 100 meters long freestyle of women and the 50 meter long butterfly in the pool, and the 4 × 100-meter freestyle relay champion for ladies on the first day of the game. Hanako has also become the first three golden kings of these Asian games. The Japanese team also won the 200 meter long breaststroke and the men's 4 × 200 meter freestyle relay prevention So far, the Chinese and Japanese hydropower have won 7 gold in the 14 projects that have ended, and they are evenly distributed.

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