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Veteran Sun Yiwen regrets the harvesting of silver medalsVeteran Sun Yiwen regrets the harvesting of silver medals

Xinhua News Agency, Jakarta, August 21 (Reporter Zhu Xi, Liu Ning) On the 21st the screen project with the Asian Games of Jakarta entered the third day of play. The Chinese fencing team performed well, and both the female epee-individual and the men's foil-individual reached the final. In the end, the teenager Huang Meng won the gold medal, the veteran Sun Yiwen lost to the South Korean player to win a silver medal.

On the day of the two projects, the Chinese team played two people. In the epigeproject of the women, the Chinese team sent veteran Sun Yiwen to play with Zhu Mingye. The veteran Sun Yiwen won the championships ladiesepee team with his teammates during the last Asian Games in Incheon, at the Olympic Games in Rio she won the silver medal and the individual bronze medal and she is a veteran in the team competition.

On the men's foil project the Chinese team sent title defenders Ma Jianfei and Huang Mengyu to the partner. The two came together in a 16-in-8 game. Huang Mengyu defeated General Ma Jianfei to advance to the quarter-finals and successfully reached the final against Hong Kong player Cui Haoran from China.

After the start of the game, the two sides went from 1 to 3 and then Cui Haoran suddenly made an attack and scored 2 points. After Huang Mengxi took the initiative to attack, the score was 7. In the third quarter, Huang Mengyu was behind 8:10 and then he asked for a medical suspension. When he returned to the game, he was like a god-helper and even the 2nd sword cleared the score, then he got a lead. In the last few seconds, Huang Mengyu resisted the attack of the opponent, defeated the opponent 11:10, won the gold medal and helped the Chinese fencing team to defend the title in the Asian Games.

In the epee-confrontation of the women, the teenager Zhu Mingye stopped the top 16 and Sun Yiwen reached the final against the Korean star Kang Yongmei. At the beginning of the Kang Yongmei competition he actively attacked and gained a 3: 1 lead. In the second quarter, both sides played very carefully and did not score. In the final section, Sun Yiwen, who wanted to catch up, forced the score to 4: 5, but then Kang Yongmei recovered strongly and re-opened the score to 10: 5 and eventually lost 7:11 and won a silver medal.

On the 22nd the fencing project will usher in the competition between the women's sword group and the men's degen group. The Chinese team has the strength to influence the gold medal in both projects.

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