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Original title: Guoan sells nearly 10,000 tickets for concerts. R & F coach praises opponents for foreign aid.

Last night, the first round of FA Cup semi-finals, Guoan used a big win to sweep the Beijing derby defeated the haze. With Bakanbu, Vieira & # 39; s scored twice and Zhang Zhe's cherry on the cake, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan swept Guangzhou R & F 5-1 in the work last night, with the advantage of 4 goal difference to the second round in feed. However, Coach Schmidt still can not relax. "We will win the same game in the next game and participate as much as possible in the FA Cup final."

Use soldiers

The midfield of Shi Shuai changes

Just four days after the loss of the Beijing Derby, Schmidt turned a 0-3 loss in a 5-1 victory. After the game, the media were most concerned about how Schmidt adjusted the team's mentality. "There was a lot of trouble in that match, but I and the team have already forgotten that game." Schmidt said he started planning a race with R & F since the end of Saturday's game.

Like Guoan, R & F this season is one of the strongest offensive teams to have scored 38 goals in the Super League, 9 goals less than Guoan, the fourth place. "Guangzhou R & F is a very dangerous opponent, especially at the offensive end," Schmidt said.

Before the game, the campaign was seen as an offensive match-up. After the kickoff it was Guoan who took the lead. In the 14th minute, Vieira took the pass outside the penalty area and Bakanbu was sidelined and pushed into the net. The good times did not last long: Changfeiya broke through the restricted area after the breakthrough in the 24th minute. Lu Lin at the penalty spot followed the volley to equalize the score. Both sides entered the second half with a 1-1 draw.

From the 49th minute, when the goal was scored by Ella, the balance of the game started to tilt towards Guoan. In the next 40 minutes Guoan broke through the doors of Ella, Zhang Zhezhe and Bakanbu successively. A victory of 5 to 1 also ensured that the emotional release of the employees could be released in the long term, and the long lost national security is the champion & # 39; echoed through the work.

Guoan's victory benefited from Schmidt's adjustment during the break. In the second half he changed the 4 defenders into 3 defenders and changed the situation. This Schmidt explained: "On the one hand, adapted to 3 defenders, to strengthen the defense, on the other side Zhang Zhezhe and Jin Taiyan opened the breadth on both sides, which is conducive to the offensive, and we will go well in play the back The opponent is elusive. "

"The cup is very important to us." Tonight we can see that this team really wants to go to the final. "During the after-game conference, Schmidt rarely called the" champion ", but he Followed by:" But before the celebration there is the second half. "


Si Shuai praised Guoan 3 foreign aid

"This result is very bad for us, it is a very heavy loss." After the match, R & F trainer Stojkovic decided.

Stuart, who is used to wearing sportswear, sits in a suit and stands on the couch. In the final round of the competition, R & F, who had just switched to the 4th defender, won the victory. The 5-2 victory over Changchun Yatai also enabled Sishua to get out of the shadow of the losing-out with three games. come. This suit can also be a psychological hint.

The progress of the game, however, goes far beyond the imagination of Si Shuai. He continued his humorous self-mockery at the press conference: "If someone comes in during the break and tells me that we will be defeated, I will definitely say that this person is crazy because we played very well in the first half." When Lu Lin equalized the score, R & F once dominated and failed to take the lead before the end of the first half, giving it the chance to adapt to Guoan, perhaps the biggest regret of Si Shuai. . "I prefer that it is 0 to 4 in the second half compared to 1 to 5." Si Shuai said in his words.

In the second half, R & F was judged as two teams, not only did the attack have no results, but the defense was also full of loopholes. In the light of Si Shuai, the free kick that Vieira started in the second half was the turning point of the game. "Biella & # 39; s second free kick is very nice, but I'm not sure if this is a mistake on the bench, this is a turning point." After the ball, our attention is not concentrated. Like a crash. "

For the second round of the game, Si Shuai made it clear that he would not give up. "Sometimes we have to believe that a miracle will happen, but only if we miss the ball and score 4 goals." Si Shuai said.

"Of course Guoan foreign aid has played their level of appreciation." The press officer did not wait for the announcement of the end of the press conference, and Si Shuai stood up and walked out of the room.

Concept of Array

The public declined by almost 10,000

In the middle of the first half of the game, Guoan won the ball on the left. Augusto, who came to serve, waved his upper arm to the slightly empty 8th stands, indicating that the fans were more enthusiastic.

Compared with the previous Super League home game, the previous night's work was much more deserted and only 30.619 fans were present. You know, since the start of the season, even the home game of the working day, the number of target groups in the work is not less than 40,000. The number of people in the audience has dropped by almost 10,000. A big stage set up for the concert is the & # 39; culprit & # 39 ;.

On Friday, the idol group TFBOYS will hold a five-year concert in the work that has been built for this purpose. According to the official microblogging news for the competition, the 9th and 15th standings of the game will not be accessible to fans due to the impact of the stage construction. The fans who have bought the 9-year tickets are placed in the 21 stands. However, the reporter from the Beijing News reported on the spot that not only were the two tribunes forced to close.

The internship is located on the south side of the work platform and is equal to the South Stand. It has the same length as the bottom line of the stadium. The 7 stands from the 9th to the 15th are all within the shelter range. The twelfth position, which was the favorite area of ​​the guest team, was also forced to close. The hundreds of R & F fans who came to watch the game were ranked on the top level of the 16th stand. For the security needs, the 17th position was also closed as the isolation zone of the home and away team.

"Almost 10,000 tickets have been sold." A person from the Guoan team revealed before the game. According to official data, the staff has a total of 24 stands, which can accommodate 71,112 people. According to this information, at least 8,889 people could not attend the three stands.

This stage not only covers the entire south side stand, but also the flagpole in the southeast corner of the workshop. At the beginning of the flag ceremony many fans could not find the national flag. When the fans of the watch group on the east side turned around, they discovered that a flag was hung on the top of the East Stand. In addition, the scoreboard above the South Stand was not available due to the occlusion of the stage, but instead on an LED display in the southwest corner of the venue.

A semi-final of the FA Cup, because a stage that has been set up three days in advance is completely "misplaced".

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