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Original title: He Bingjiao: Can not lose the ball in an overwhelming way

Beijing time on August 22 news, 2018 Jakarta Asian Games entered the fourth day of play. In the badminton women's team finals, the Chinese team fought with the Japanese team for the championship. The third women singles, He Bingjiao 1-2 lost to Ohara hope, the Chinese team total score 1-2 behind. After the match, He Bingjiao said frankly that he could not lose in one go in the face, and the whole game had more mistakes than Ouhara.

In the Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese women's badminton team defeated Thailand in the semifinal of the group, to the final, and reported the defeat of the Uber semi-finals to the opponent this year.

In the final, the Chinese team took on the old rival Japan for the championship. The first women singles, Chen Yufei, played well and beat Yamaguchi 2 2-0 to take the lead for the Chinese team. The second women's double, Chen Qingchen / Jia Yifan 0-2 lost to Fukushima Yuki / Hirota Choi, the third women singles, He Bingjiao struggled to lose three games to Okuhara hope, China team The total score 1-2 is temporarily behind.

In the second game of the game until 16-14, the leading He Bingjiao was suspected of shoulder injury during the rescue. She explained: "Tricky, the shoulder joint is a bit uncomfortable, the third game suddenly feels no shoulders. not, it felt very light and it was better to hit it later. "

The deciding game, He Bingjiao started the big score, but she did not give up, once approached the score, only 3-4 points ahead, He Bingjiao said, "The mentality is also released, the team game is lost, also Can not be lost . "

He Bingjiao and Aoyuan hope that the mobile power is relatively strong. The three-game battle has a huge consumption of both. He Bingjiao said: "Aoyuan hopes to be more flexible and play faster. Our gap lies in me. The mistakes are more then Ouhara hopes. "(倮 倮 / 文)Go back to Sohu and see more

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