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Original title: Hengda Guoan & # 39; s match-up: the front and back are difficult to distinguish, the line of defense is clearly different.

The 22nd round of the 2018 Super League this week marks the battle between Guangzhou Evergrande and Tianhe Mountain in Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. The final result of this game largely determines the title of the Super League champion this season. In the two teams, comparison of rows can be described as evenly matched, especially the PK of the two teams of international team and foreign aid combination will be very interesting.

The biggest advantage of the Guangzhou Evergrande line-up is the defensive end. Although the status of Feng Wei and Zhang Linyi has dropped, they are still the most important candidates for the national football team. Although Beijing Zhonghe Guoan also has a national foot in the back line, neither the overall strength nor the experience of the competition is lacking. It is worth mentioning that in order to maximize the attacking firepower of the team, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan was the only team in the Super League that used the U23 starting quota in the goalkeeper position. Guo Quanbo has already passed the test of the Chinese Super League and played a good role, but compared to the country that has gone through the battlefield, Zeng Cheng still has a lot of green. In addition, Mr. Cannavaro also has the main full-backs of the national team, such as Li Xuepeng and regular guests such as Mei Fang and Zou Zheng, and in this regard, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan must be clearly shadowed.

In the midfield and the backcourt, the line-up of the two teams can be described as difficult, especially the direct dialogue of the team of foreign aid attacks is reasonably expected. The first to suffer from Paulinho and Augusto & # 39; s positive PK, the two midfielders with the same position also represented the Brazilian national team in the World Cup held in Russia this summer. After Paulinho returned to Guangzhou Evergrande as a loan, it was great, and Augusto finally played his strongest season in Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. For the two midfielders, the two teams have foreign aid that can change the situation, but the scoring power of Taliska and Gao Laat does not need to be described, and Bakanbu's super high target efficiency and Biella's pass. The shooting is already known and the game of foreign aid attack teams will undoubtedly have a decisive influence on the outcome of the competition.

In the last Chinese training list for football for men, the players of these two clubs accounted for half of the country, and the seven people from Guangzhou Evergrande and the five people from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan also became the biggest contributors to the national team. team. In addition to the goalkeeper Zeng Cheng on the defensive end, Zhang Linyi, Feng Wei and Li Xuepeng form not only the main team of the national football team, but also the combination of the defense line of Guangzhou Hengda Iron. Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is due to the foreign command, they will face it. They are all strong foreign tools of each other. In the middle and front field, Zheng Zhi is still the core of the attack and defense of Guangzhou Evergrande, and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan's three local midfielders Chi Zhongguo, Park Cheng and Zhang Rizhe Group are pretty enviable, in this game to both sides The competition in the midfield will especially deserve the attention. As for the offensive end of Han Chao and Yu Lin will be an important option for Guangzhou Evergrande, and how Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Wei Shihao used to survive the tension.

Speaking of the use of the two U23 players, maybe Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is a little better. After choosing Guo Quanbo in the goalkeeper position, Schmidt has become calmer in the formation and adaptation of the field, as there is a substitute on the bench. Barton and Wei Shihao are also young players who are also in the main group, but of course they do not have to worry too much about the choice of replacement. Cannavaro has many people around Guangzhou Evergrande, but the performance of Deng Hanwen and Yang Liyu is difficult to stabilize this season. Most importantly, their current skills have a gap with the big brothers of the team. So how much confidence Cannavaro can offer in such an important game is also worthy of attention. As far as the head coaches from both sides are concerned, they have never had the experience to lead the team to compete in the Super League. This fight is a new challenge for everyone. (Bao Wenlong)

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