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Original title: Liu Yaxin bluntly dissatisfied with his own game Peng Xuwei: I am too nervous

Beijing time on August 19, 2018 Jakarta Asian Games started the first competition game. In the 200-meter backstroke final of the swimming event Liu Yaxin won the championship with 2: 07.65, this is the fifth gold medal won by the Chinese delegation in these Asian Games. Peng Xuyu finished third with 2 points, 09 seconds and 14 seconds. After the game ended, Liu Yaxin and Peng Xuyu said they were not very happy with their performance.

Liu Yaxin said for his own game: "I feel good, still have a little regret, did not break my best results, especially today's own underwater legs are too weak." For today's main game Opponent, Liu Yaxin said, "No, I really can not see her, thank you for helping me." Many people have said to me today. "

Speaking of the future, Liu Yaxin said:" My Asian games have already It's over, my goal in the future is always to break myself. "Peng Xuyu, who won third place, said he was not very happy with his game:" It is not very satisfying, too nervous, not sent at all. The tour was very tired and the results were not particularly good, this time I was not particularly satisfied with myself, I am especially grateful to my coach. "My coach is also very good for me." This time I feel a bit sad. "The first time I participated in the game, it was also After having gained some experience, some matches were too tight and could not be played."

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