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Original title: Lore! Coulter internalization competition as a driving force

The last second, the last attack, the last pass, the last battle! In an absolute sense Cutronet received a pass from Higuain to complete the surrender and also brought a three point to Milan.

After the game, "Gazzetta dello Sport" wrote: "In theory the Cotronet boy would live in the shadow of Higuain, but the fact is that the smoker gave him a light, his goal." Really, like the "Gazzetta dello" Sports "said, the arrival of the super-attacker is obviously a good thing for the team, but not necessarily for the players in the same position in the team. Because of the arrival of Higuain, Kalinic went to Atletico Madrid and Andrei Silva moved to Seville. For Coultone, who played the leading role at the end of last season, the arrival of the small smoker also means that his playing time will be greatly reduced. Indeed, in the first two games of the season, it is true. Coutroone is off the couch.

But perhaps this is the special thing about this Milan youth genius, he never seems to be afraid of competition. In the competition of the three centers last season, Cotronet was the most unremarkable, but he eventually became the most scoring and became the most dependent player of Gattuso in the last part of the season. Now, compared to Higuain, Kutrone is also a nameless pawn, but he seizes once again the opportunity to become the greatest hero of San Siro.

After the game, "Slow Motion" called Cotrone "the goal in the 95th minute is no coincidence." Because Kutrony always played the most active after playing on the couch. From the beginning of the 84th minute, in the short 10 minutes to the end of the game, Kutrone grabbed 3 shots and 1 key pass. This is why the teenager born in 1998 was successful, as long as he gets the chance, he will do his best to fight for it. After the game Coutro said in an interview: "We all know Higuain, he is one of the most powerful players in the world, I am very proud that I can train with him and learn from him, I do not like sitting. I have a great advantage over the bank, but I will do my best to give the coach a problem and if you let me play, I will do my best to help the team. "

Of course, solving the problem of coexistence between Coultone and Higuain for Gattuso is no problem. Because this knowledge is a testimony in this game: if the two are still in such good shape, it is not an option to start the two together. And Kutro's excellent play also gave Gattuso the possibility of a graceful change between 4-3-3 and 4-4-2, which undoubtedly increased the tactical richness of Milan.

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