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Original title: Male feather Asian Games group gold medal is gratifying Goal Tokyo teenager still has to work hard client Beijing August 23 (Li He) On the evening of the 22nd local time, the Asian Games in Jakarta decided the last gold medal in badminton. The Chinese men's team struggled and won a crown from the host Indonesia. The sword refers to 2020, prepares for Tokyo, and the Guoyu team has the & # 39; small goal & # 39; reached to win the Asian Games in Jakarta.

The gold medal is shocking and the risk is not over yet.

The Chinese team is the number one in the badminton men's competition at these Asian Games. Historically, the Chinese team has won the championship for the men's team five times. In the last Asian Games in Incheon, the Chinese team lost the host country in the finals of the men's team and missed three consecutive championships. In this contest, the Chinese men's team that just won the Thomas Cup on the highest podium.

The first round of the quarter-final opponent of the Chinese team was Hong Kong, China. Guo Yu sent a soup cup to win the line-up for the championship and 3-0 easily defeated the opponent. Shi Yuqi, Li Junhui, Liu Yuchen and Xiaolong beat both opponents in two straight-games.

In the semi-final against Chinese Taipei, Shi Yuqi took the lead by losing points, but fortunately Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen and Xiaolong both turned their opponents by 2-1. The two main pairs, Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng, win the Chinese team to win with a 3-1 reversal.

The final against the host Indonesian team, Guo Yu, who fought for 5 hours, made it difficult to win three times at 2-1, two of the singles lost first and then lost. In the men's doubles match, the new world champion Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen 0-2 was defeated by Sukarmoyo / Fernandi, with the steady play of veteran Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng, Guo Yu 4 games, Lin Dan, the veteran of the fifth warm-up did not appear.

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China News ServiceReporter Du Yang took ""

The photo shows the award ceremony. China News Service reporter Du Yang photo

"Newcomer" Shi Yuqi has a bright spot but is not perfect

The gradual renewal of the Chinese male feathers was broadcast with a new line-up, with a clear goal – while they prepare for Tokyo and strive to win the gold medal for the Asian Games. Ultimately, the signed men's team achieved the goal. In addition to the gold medal, however, problems have also come to light, for example: there is no advantage in singles and the & # 39; double towers & # 39; are still scarce.

Because of the rising ranking, the Asian Games in Jakarta was the first time Shi Yuqi played as the first single, and his performance was not satisfactory. In the semi-finals he faced Zhou Tiancheng, who had never lost, he did not play, the final against Jin Ting lost first.

Lin Dan & # 39; s age has increased and Xiaolong is not very stable: the Chinese men singles undergo an adjustment period and the 22-year-old & # 39; small stone & # 39; is still growing. In the final, when physical fitness reached the critical point, Shi Yuqi's adjustment and reaction were in place, winning this hard fight and helping him tremendously.

It must be recognized that the current advantage of Guoyu in the men's shirt project is no longer obvious. After the match, Xiaolong said: "The men's level on the world rankings is on the same starting line, everyone has to do everything to win." The Shiyuqi who has just started is worth looking forward to. "

<img style = "max-width: 500px" src = "" title = "The picture shows Shi Yuqi in the game.from

China News ServiceReporter Du Yang took ""

The picture shows Shi Yuqi in the game. China News Service reporter Du Yang photo

Double gentlemen must understand the details

In the men's dummies, the new "Twin Towers" composed by Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen won the championship in the World Championships and proved their strength. But after the test of the Asian championships, especially in the final against the world's number one opponent, the 0-2 loss is a kind of alarm. Li Junhui said after the game: "If the details are deducted, it can be different than the club."

The details refer to the gaps in the technical links. After the world's first "strong and powerful hits", the mid-field speed and tee-off technology of the Chinese team have shown a gap. Fortunately, there is still time, two years away from 2020, they have to catch up.

In Jakarta Guoyu captured the "Devil & # 39; s Home" from the host, two years later in Tokyo Guoyu had to do better against the host. (End)

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