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Original title: Men's gold medal bronze medal of the decathlon of Japan

On 26 August, the time of Beijing, the Asian Games of 2018 in Jakarta played in the competition for the eighth matchday. The track and field events entered the second day of play, during the men's tenth event the Japanese veteran Niu Weisuke got 7878 points and won the gold medal. The Thai player Sin Keen scored 7809 points for his career. For a silver medal Nakamura Akihiko won a bronze medal with a score of 7738 points. The total score of my country Gong Kewei was 7.671 points, which also created the best result in personal career, fourth place.

The eighth project is the pole vault The 1986 Japanese player Niu Weisuke scored 4 meters and 90, and got 880 points, the score of Nakamura Akihiko was 4 meters 80 and he gained 849 points Gong Kewei jumped 4 meters. 60 results, scored for third place, got 790 points.

The ninth project is a spear The Japanese player born in 1986, Niuwei Yusuke, threw a score of 63 meters and scored 784 points. The Thai player Sinkern threw 57 meters and got 694 points. Wei threw a score of 53 meters 46 and got 640 points.

The final point of the men's decathlon is the 1500-meter race, the Japanese Nakamura Nakahiko took the lead and took all the effort in the final sprint: he eventually ran 4 minutes, 24 seconds and 75 seconds and scored 779 points. . My country Gong Kewei ran 4 points, 35 seconds 06, ranked second, and got 712 points. The first Thai players who played well in the game, Sin Keen, achieved only sixth place in the least popular running project and received 584 points.

In terms of total score Niuwei Yusuke got 7878 points and won the gold medal.The Xin Keen from Thailand got the best score of 7809 points in his career and won a silver medal Nakamura Akihiko received a bronze medal with 7738 points. The final score of the player Gong Kewei is 7671 points, which also created the best result in his career, fourth place.

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