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Original title: Quan Jian is the AFC champion and the 4th national team is hard to debut. The injured player becomes a strange soldier.

At 17:35 today, the team of Tianjin Quanjian plays against the Dalian-team in the 22nd round of the Super League this season. Although it has just been more than 10 days of rest, but for various reasons, the Tianjin Quanjian team has not completely lost the previous fatigue, this game will be a tough test for them.

It is difficult for all four countries to play

In the interim period of the Chinese Super League, the Zhao Xuri of Tianjin Quanjian, Zhang Lu, Yang Xu and Liu Yuming were selected for the final national football list, followed by the national football team in West Asia for two warm-up events. Although the four players have all returned to the team for the match with the Dalian team, continued competition and long distance running will certainly have a small impact on the physical fitness of the four. More importantly, four days later, the Tianjin Quanjian team will launch a second round of the quarter finals of the AFC Champions League in Macau and the Kashima Antlers. The Tianjin Quanjian team should reduce the consumption of these key players in this game. . Judging by the current situation, these four players will probably not be able to start all matches with the Dalian team. Tianjin Quanjian coach Paul Sosa answered the question during the pre-match conference, he said. "The starting position of this game is still under consideration, it can be determined on the day of the game at 12.00. The players that we have left in the meantime, should definitely do better in the preparation for the fight, because there are more training sessions. are.In this respect, it will be better than National team players have an advantage, but tomorrow will be arranged on the basis of the specific circumstances, if the national team players can not play, they will also help teammates better from other aspects. "

The injured player is expected to become a soldier

The good news for the Tianjin Quanjian team is that the previous wounded Zhang Cheng, Lun Lun and Zhang Xiuwei have been recovered and are ready to go out. In the current shortage of personnel, the return of these players is crucial for the formation of Paul Sosa. In particular, Zhang Xiuwei, when Paul Sosa finally chooses the snow Zhao Xuri, he will play a key role in the midfield and possibly even become the team that determines the outcome of the game. Recently the training of these players also worked very hard and has been confirmed by Paul Sosa. Paul Sosa said: "During the recent training, except the players who went to the national team, other players performed very well." Zheng Dalun, who attended the pre-match conference with Paul Sosa, also said: "In addition to the national team, outside the players we have worked hard and are actively recovering, our opponents are in good shape recently, we will 1.2% invest in the game tomorrow and win the game. "

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