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Original title: US Open – Zhang Shuai even lost 9 innings 0-2 negative Muguruza stopped the basehit for ladies in the first round

On August 28, Beijing time, the 2018 season tennis Grand Slam US Open continued. In the first round of the women's singles match, China Jinhua Zhang Shuai played against the Spanish beauty and No. 12 seed Muguruzza. Zhang Shuai, who was stuck in the Asian games in the game, clearly lacked physical strength, after the first set 3-3 he lost 9 games in a row and eventually lost 3-6 / 0-6 and lost two sets to Muguruza. The first round of the women's net lesson.

The Chinese Jinhua Zhang Shuai made a career jump in 2016 after entering the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.After several seasons, he scored repeatedly in the third round of the Grand Slam.De performance of Zhang Shuai were not ideal this season.He scored only half in Prague. In the final, the US Open also lost the position of the seed players after the fall. Zhang Shuai will have a strong opponent in the first round of the US Open, two-time Grand Slam champ Muguruzza, the latter being the leader of the new generation of women's tennis, although this season is flat, he also has a record in the semi-finals of the French Open. . The two had played against each other twice and in 2017 the two men won in the matches of Doha and Miami and the match was defeated. The power of the game against Muguruza remained the upper hand and the physical strength of Zhang Shuai, influenced by the Asian Games, being the biggest. issues.

In the first series of competitions, Zhang Shuai's first turn was in danger, after 40-40, Muguruzza scored a breakpoint and scored a breakpoint, then made a quick shot and made a break In the second game, Zhang Shuai quickly hit the ball, 40-40 level after the net intercept to break the breaking point, Muguruza solved a breaking point, Zhang Shuai's second breaking point is shooting a strong attack score back to break 1-1 level. The respective guarantees were sent to 3-3, and in the seventh match Muguruza made another 40-15 to get a continuous break and Zhang Shuai then took a backslash and tried to cross the ball to lose the game. Homeopathic insurance 5-3 lead. In the ninth game Zhang Shuai was not allowed to serve the game, Muguruza scored a continuous break in 40-0, Zhang Shuai saved the three break points and lost the game, Muguruza broke the 6-3 victory and the first set. Take a 1-0 lead.

In the second game, after Muguruza secured the first game, Zhang Shuai was shot from the breakthrough after 30-30 in the second game and Muguruza broke the score to 2-0. In the third game, Zhang Shuai once had a breakpoint, Muguruzza broke the breakpoint and made a 3-0 lead. In the fourth game, Zhang Shuai's physical fitness showed a significant decrease, Muguruza broke the lead with a 5-0 head Start. In the sixth game, Zhang Shuai was not sure he served in the game, Muguluza 40-0 won the break-point and was also the match point, after winning this game he took the second set 6-0.

In the end, China Jinhua Zhang Shuai, thanks to the experience of the Asian Games, opened the US Open for the start of the US Open. Physical fitness became the key to limiting the performance of the game: 3-6 / 0-6 lost two sets and lost from No. 12 seed. Gulu Zha. The whole match lasted 1 hour and 17 minutes. In the match, Zhang Shuai completed 4 double clicks of the ACES ball and Muguruza scored 5 points in the ACES ball. The success rate of Zhang Shuai was only 44%. The percentage is 46% are significantly behind the opponent, the winning points on the Muguruza 20-14 lead, non-forced fouls Zhang Shuai 19-14 behind the opponent. In the break-up session, the 3 break points of Zhang Shuai completed 1 break, and Muguruza broke 11 break points at 11 break points.Go back to Sohu and see more

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