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2018-10-01 07:40:32 Source: NetEase Sports

NetEase Sports reported on October 1:

The World Championships men's volleyball 2018 ended in Italy In the final, the Polish team beat the Rio Olympic champion Brazil in three consecutive matches, the scores of the three games were 28-26, 25-20 and 25-23, so the Polish team defended with success the third. After winning the World Championships in the men's volleyball team, the Brazilian team won second place in two consecutive losses. The third team fought, the American team with 3-1 turned Serbia around. In the final ranking, the Chinese team tied the 21st place.

World Championships Volleyball men's Poland 3-0 win The successful Chinese defending China is 21st

In the semifinals, Brazil defeated Serbia 3-0 and went to the finals of the World Championships for the fifth time. The Polish team defeated the American team 3-0. The two sides met twice in the world championships in 2006 and 2014. In 2006, Brazil defeated the Polish team 3-0 to defend their title. In 2014, the Polish team 3-1 Lectra Brazil beat the last to win four consecutive championships.

The two sides of the last game are glued together. After the match reaches 26, the Polish team seized the opportunity and won 2 points to win 28-26. In the second game, the Polish team took control of the situation. When the two technical timeouts were led by 8-4 and 16-13 respectively, the Brazilian team was suppressed all the way up to 25-20. In the third game, the Polish team led the game early, and the second technical time-out was dominated by 16-11, although the Brazilian team had trouble to score points, the Polish team won the game with 25-23 victories.

In the end, the Polish team beat the Brazilian team 3-0 to reach the defense of the men's volleyball World Championships. After winning the third time in 1974 and 2014, the Brazilian team won the second consecutive place. After the game, the final score was 24 points and Poland won the scoring title and he also won the most valuable player. The third runner-up battle, the US team faced Serbia, first lost a game and then retired three innings, 3-1 reversed the copper, four games scored 23-25, 25-17, 32-30 and 25-19.

The men's volleyball world championships ended, Poland, Brazil, the United States occupied the top three, Serbia fourth, Italy, Russia equal for the fifth, France, Netherlands tied for the seventh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada and Slovenia bound for the ninth, Argentina , Australia Finland and Iran ended as 13th, Japan finished 17th with Cuba, Egypt and Cameroon, and China, Dominica, Puerto Rico and Tunisia were 21st.

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