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Original title: WSB Finals, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Sanfan, have won the support of all parties

At the end of this month, thousands of Chinese boxing enthusiasts will be lucky enough to enjoy the highest level of the boxing team competition in the world at home. The World Boxing League WSB Global Finals will be held in Xiamen Tongan New City and Quanzhou Jinjiang on September 26 and September 28. At that moment, the two teams of the Astana Wolves and the Cuban trainer team will fight with many Olympic champions and world champions for the highest honor. Chinese boxing fans will have the opportunity to experience unprecedented visual pleasure at zero distance.

WSB is the most important boxing event for teams in the world of boxing and was first launched in 2010 by the International Boxing Federation AIBA, with an orthodox official background and its authority is indisputable. As the two traditional forces of the world boxing championship, Cuba and Kazakhstan have reached the final four times, the former won twice, the latter won three times, and this fifth final trip reached the two teams. After three battles, the two fights, Cuba is all lost and lost, so this time the Guha will write a new enemy.

About 10 years ago the International Boxing Federation started with the distinctive professional Olympic professional boxing training, which aims to improve the confrontation and appreciation of Olympic boxing and thus increase the appeal of the sport. WSB is the most important measure for the professional reform of the International Boxing Federation.The boxers in the Olympic system have their helmets for the first time evicted to participate in the competition.The score rules have also changed from the bonus point system to the 10-point subtraction system for professional boxing and the match time. Extensively expanded, and this is also seen as an important preview of the professional reform of the Olympic boxing match. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the men's boxing match reached the same professional rules as the WSB. In the past, & # 39; amateur smokers & # 39 ;, was marked by the boxer who wore helmet competitions, official history.

The WSB event was officially launched by the International Boxing Federation and the participating boxers are all in the world and the rules are in line with the Olympic Games. It seems that the International Boxing Federation is likely to link the qualifications of the Tokyo Tokyo boxing match 2020 to the WSB event, in WSB boxing. Players with excellent performance on the stage are expected to expect tickets to the Tokyo Olympics. There is no doubt that WSB has become the highest level of boxing in the Olympic system.

The WSB final of the 2018 season was organized by Bomen Sports, the exclusive operating company of the International Boxing Federation, and was held in Xiamen Tongan and Quanzhou Jinjiang. Tongan has been one of the fastest growing areas in Xiamen in recent years, the stadium facilities for golf and marathon have been completed and top sport events such as the Yucha League and the Tongan Marathon have been held and the sport-related industry has developed rapidly. The WSB final will be settled in Tongan, making Tongan the most powerful city-style and tourist complex city & # 39; in Xiamen. At the same time, we will use the extensive influence of the WSB at home and abroad to promote the development of Tongan City and to promote awareness of the city through three-dimensional three-dimensional communication. Jinjiang is the most representative sports city in Fujian, not only the famous sportswear city in the country, but also the home of the two teams of the Fujian basketball team and the women's basketball team, with a very strong sport element. The WSB final was held in Jinjiang and for the first time the top five of boxing in the mainstream sports of the world was presented to the local population, who will further promote the sports boom in Jinjiang and fully improve the international influence of the city.

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