A Bugatti made with Legos, that goes!

Why would toys only be for boys? With the help of the Lego Technic, Bugatti & # 39; s technicians put aside their super sports cars for a while and built a real-size and manageable replica of a Chiron, a luxury car that spends millions of dollars. It took thousands and thousands of hours to put it together, and that is that, with the exception of a steel bow or fence, absolutely everything is made with Lego's, including the engine.

In fact, it has more than a million pieces, weighs one and a half tons, and has worked 13,338 hours on designers and engineers at the Kladno plant in the Czech Republic. It has a functional rear spoiler, a real speedometer, front and rear lights, a brake pedal, real tires and a removable steering wheel.

To build the body, they worked in parts, in small parts, to faithfully imitate the original design, and 339 different pieces were used to ensure that everything from the body shapes to the details of the chairs was identical to the ones that appear in the authentic Bugatti Chiron.

The coolest thing is that the car even made the engine with Lego's, because it is equipped with the propulsion system of the Lego Power Function platform that has 2,304 electric motors and 4,032 Lego Technic gears. Makes 5.3 hp and 92 Nm of torque. Impressive.

Of course there was the fear that he would not walk or that he would disarm while he was being treated. That's why Bugatti driver Andy Wallace, known for his endurance races at Le Mans, Daytona and Seibring, was invited to test the car at a speed of 20 km / h, it does not seem like much, but it's a lot to play with. to be.

We hope that Bugatti and other companies continue to play with Legos and inspire thousands of children with their incredible designs.

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