Adidas and the gossip of a false game on the internet

About 100 thousand tweets have called the Adidas brand on Wednesday and not just because of a new release: it became a topic of conversation on social networks thanks to the innocence of many internet users, who They fell into a hoax that used the name of the brand to unintentionally attract. This is what happened:

An Instagram account called "Adidas Embajadores" published a tempting offer that invited users of that social network to participate in a competition, to become one of the 100 ambassadors and influencers the brand was looking for.

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The fake lottery consists of the following: those who want to participate must have at least 200 followers (a very low number for influencers of the brand), follow the profile of Instagram and share a picture in the stories Use Adidas clothing, label the label that makes the game.

The 100 elected representatives would receive clothing and accessories from the brand every month, gift vouchers and the possibility of promotions for their followers.

The deception did not end with the closing of the account because of this she was not the only one who promoted it: Just use the Instagram search engine to see that there are different profiles in that social network that use the same names and offer the same match. even, other brands such as Nike They have already been used for this kind of farces.

"They do not care much about that," says the popular statement that is perfectly applicable in this case. Adidas had to get out and specify that he was not looking for influencers, or at least not by means of a tie. This was clarified by the brand description of his verified account on Instagram:

The deception had such a range, that to the police Spanish was forced to deny the information:

And of course, the ingenuity of those who fell into this deception was a source of inspiration for Internet users who responded with humor to the subject:

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