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the Banco Financiero announced that from now on will be mentioned as the parent Banco Pichincha, as part of a strategy to homogenise the image of the Ecuadorian group Pichincha in all markets where it has operations.

In a statement, the financial institution indicated that the change of image and brand in the Peruvian market completes the change process that the group had already implemented Pichincha in Ecuador, Colombia and Spain since last June.

He also explained that the new phase with the change of brand is due to the challenges facing the financial sector, and also to strengthen the entity's position in the three industries in which it operates.

"The name changes to Banco Pichincha it certifies the commitments entered into with its current customers, so it retains the same characteristics, benefits and conditions of the services and products ", said the financial entity.

the Banco Financiero works in the Peru 20 years ago The parent company was founded in Ecuador more than 100 years ago and is considered the largest private financial group in that country.

The group Pichincha It is integrated by several companies that specialize in different areas at Latin American and international level. In 2017, the entity has nearly 10,000 employees and deposits that exceed 8,400 million dollars.

"Peru is a strategic market for the group Pichincha and one of your bets to keep growing Latin America", the financial institution said in its statement.

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