BVC presents negotiation result with new MasterTrader platform

The second implementation phase starts in the second half of 2019

Andrés Venegas Loaiza – [email protected]

The president of the Colombian stock exchange, Juan Pablo Córdoba, presented the results of the first week of work in the fixed income market of the new trading platform with MasterTrader.

This new platform enables the development of new industries, the increase in liquidity and the professionalization of market players through the implementation of new technologies at the forefront of global operations. Córdoba noted that the system "offers the possibility for intermediaries to connect to the three markets from a single connection, which would be done with the operation of today by means of three connections".

The President of the agency said that this process came into effect during a first phase in the fixed-income market with around 100 participants and that "it is expected to be implemented in the other two markets by around 50 in the second semester of 2019. operations, so we stick to the most difficult part. "

The BVC has revealed that in the execution of this project, which lasted two years, about $ 20,000 million has been invested "an investment by the BVC that enables operators to reduce costs as a strategy to improve market liquidity. ".

The pioneers in operating on the public debt market under this platform were Av. Villas and Credicorp Capital and reached a combined amount of $ 594,000 million. While the first private debt transactions were performed by Banco Davivienda and Valores Bancolombia with an amount of $ 9,948 million as a whole.

"We want to encourage the use of more modern practices for negotiation, which will make it possible to standardize the language of the various market players to gain access, so that there is no protoloco for each," commented Córdoba, adding that "Colombia this will lead to technological changes in the debt market, public among the emerging ".

1.300 screens can be connected to the platform during the negotiations; From 1,200 orders per second to 3,000 and generating a total of 10 million orders and / or changes per day.

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