Caution on European markets in the light of Trump problems and the EU-China crisis

LONDON.- The red numbers dominate the operations of this Wednesday between the squares europeIn the afternoon, in the light of the political uncertainty in the United States, forcing us to set aside the maximums marked by Wall Street.

In the balance sheet, the FTSE-100 index of London falls by 0.34 percent, while the SMI of Switzerland falls by 0.29 percent, followed by the Ibex-35 index of Madrid which withdraws by 0.13 percent and the DAX-40 from Frankfurt with 0.1 percent.

The same bearish line shows the PSI index of Lisbon that falls 0.05 percent, while the Paris and Milan stock exchanges extend 0.07 and 0.01 percent in their indexes CA-40 and Mibtel, respectively.

The markets of the old continent are alert to the trials against the two men who have ties with the American president Donald Trump, after a federal court in New York declared lawyer Michael Cohen guilty of eight crimes of tax fraud and violation of the law on campaign financing.

Meanwhile, a federal court in Virginia declared the former head of the Trump, Paul Manafort, guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud.

Although Trump's name does not appear in the legal documents, the president's justice problems have grown dramatically on Tuesday, which has discouraged the markets in her operations this Wednesday.

The facts project more uncertainties about Trump's leadership in the eyes of investors.

US benchmark bond yields declined as investors sought security for US debt and spilled a fall in S & P 500 futures into European equities.

The interest on ten-year treasury certificates amounted to 2.8297 percent, compared to Tuesday nearly 2.844 percent.

The dollar index falls by 0.16 percent, after a strong sale after Trump criticized the interest rate hikes in an interview with Reuters, while the euro rose 0.41 percent to 1.1690 dollars, the strongest level in three weeks in its sixth consecutive advance.

The common currency recovered after last quarter data showed the largest increase in wages in the region since 2012.

The British pound also rose by 0.2 percent to 1.2923 units and reached the highest level in more than two weeks with its fifth consecutive step forward.

With information from Reuters and Notimex.

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