Chile is the third country with the most expensive domestic shipping in the region

CCS study: Chile is the third country with the most expensive domestic entry costs in the region

Thursday, August 23, 2018

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The study "Comparative analysis of domestic shipping costs in Chile and Latin America" ​​shows that Chile is the third country with the "most expensive" domestic entry costs in the countries of the region.

The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS) provided the study to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and stressed the need for "lower rates" to encourage greater dynamism in the industry while creating a positive macroeconomic impact generated.

The study includes a comparative analysis of the cost of airport taxes and charges on domestic flights in Latin American countries, with relevant domestic traffic and having public and reliable information in this respect. The analysis includes: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.


The president of the CCS, Peter Hill, informed that "there are several analyzes, as well as empirical experiences, which ratify the effect of a reduction in the cost of air transport".

The direct impact is – in general – observed in the increase in traffic, which translates into the largest creation of employment at airport managers, airports and other industrial suppliers. For the past six years, passenger traffic at national (domestic plus international) level has been clearly related to the variation in transport prices, which increased significantly when the price dropped significantly and with a moderate growth rate when prices were maintained, "adds Hill.

In a communiqué, CCS refers to the study of the "Air Transport Action Group" of 2016, which shows that global aviation generated 67.2 million jobs in 2014, directly and indirectly, with an impact on the PGB of US $ 2 , 7 trillion per year, equivalent to 3.5% of global GDP.

"The same study shows that the figures for Latin America represent a generation of 5.2 million jobs, with an impact on GDP of $ 167 billion, which corresponds to 2.6% of the gross geographical product (GDP) of the region, which is considerably lower than the global average, "said the president of the CCS.

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