Cluster makes use of economic development local

Based on cluster ideas, a region knows how to stimulate and promote economic development faster and more fully.

To achieve this, however, it is necessary that the actors who put it together, carry out cooperation processes, vertical and horizontal conformation and integration, and business associations.

"The clusters are an important fact, especially when they are beginning to penetrate the region and succeed in generating processes of innovation, generation of work and business articulation, leading to proposals that represent significant growth and development for many countries," he said. . Jaime Rendón, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of La Salle.

Regional initiatives

Santander has eight clusters: TIC, Cárnico del Oriente, Construction, Health, Oil & Gas, Tourism, Agribusiness.

The last five are cluster initiatives led by the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, CCB.

"The cluster initiative is a series of activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies located in the same company and geographically in the same sector, in order to prepare for the upcoming trends and to take advantage of the opportunities that cluster scenario & # 39; s in the future. "Explained Juan Diego Rojas Peralta, Vice President of Business Development of the CCB.

For Rendón, it is only after four years that the maturing of the experience gained will bring economic results to the region.

"We are not accustomed to generating companies or productive sectors, through cooperation between companies, but the government has given some clues to the clusters, but government policy must be more determined in this respect, even the large regional companies need a more proactive attitude. have an impulse towards the formation of the cluster and their own sectors, "said Rendón.

The initiatives are used in the economic activity of more than 3,500 companies in Santander of all sizes, and they invoice more than $ 18 billion annually.

Congress of cluster initiatives

Today and tomorrow, at the Dann Carlton Hotel in Bucaramanga, the Third National Congress of Cluster Initiatives will be held, iNNcluster 2018, which is the central axis of the future of clusters through innovation and strategic alliances & # 39; will have, led by the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, iNNpulsa Colombia, and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mincit.

In this space, the actors who integrate these initiatives will share the experiences, enter into strategic alliances and identify actions that contribute to the economic development of Colombia.

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