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The strategy advocated by the national government tries to help around 54,000 affected families affected by the economic situation that their sector is experiencing in the country.

The low price they currently receives coffee producers in Colombia they have affected about 54,000 families whose economy depends on this work. In order to remedy this problem, President Iván Duque has given permission for the payment of $ 100,000 million.

"With these funds we are trying to mitigate the effects of the fall in prices of coffee, and it is a priority for the national government to continue to strengthen and stimulate the competitiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector", it said. Ministry of Agriculture add that the destination of these funds was reached after a dialogue with representatives of this union.

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This portfolio also specified that the premium will be recognized to the producer at the time of the sale of the grain, and will be paid when the purchase price is lower than the domestic price of coffee, published by the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

As explained by the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia Pinzón, the value of the incentive will be determined at the end of the New York Stock Exchangeand will be equal to the difference between the trigger of the IGEC ($ 700,000 ppr load cps) and the reference price per load of 125 kilos of dry parchment coffee or its equivalent in cherries, wet parchment, excelso, Product of Colombia or tostao coffee, issued by the Federation of Coffee Growers.

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In order to ensure that the allocated funds reach all families, the Minister has determined this in no case will the value of IGEC exceed $ 25,000 per charge of dried parchment coffee of 125 kg, or its equivalent.

"Coffee producers who have registered in the Coffee Information System (SICA) from 31 August 2018 and sell their cereals to authorized purchasers to carry out buying and selling activities under the program can benefit from IGEC funds. must be supported by invoices or documents corresponding to invoices issued within the validity period of the IGEC, "said the ministry.

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