Difficult battle for the fat: recognized company imposes taxes on clothing that they buy

Several criticism from its customers aroused a measure of a shopping center Walmart in Canada, according to the CBC News channel. The complaints and claims of some people are that the mall decided to charge more money for extra large clothes. The brand of George clothing sells clothing from size S to XXL at a fixed price, but from there, if it is larger, the price goes up. For example, yoga pants cost about $ 12.97, but if the size is larger than XXL, the value will change to $ 16.97 per unit.

Despite the strong criticism, Walmart in Canada and some other vendors justify the measure because the manufacture of larger clothes is more expensive. In this regard, the television network CBC News, Walmart, the United States also increases the price of these large garments from the George brand.

About this case, a customer named Shannon Mozak, remarked that this is unacceptable because it is a way to taunt people. Mozak said she bought a piece of clothing in the men's department in July, and even though it was bigger, it cost five dollars less than the piece designed for women.

"To make men's clothing the same amount of fabric is used, but they do not cost more," said the woman. "Why do women of large size have to pay a tax for their clothes?"Mozak asked himself.

In this sense, the criticisms have not been made waiting and many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the measure.

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