Frontera Energy announces "positive" results in oil wells in Colombia Economy | businesses

Canadian multinational Frontera Energy today announced "positive" results when drilling an oil well on its site in the Colombian department of Casanare (east).

The "positive results" were when drilling the well. Battleship-1 located in the Llanos 25-block in Casanare that was drilled before the planned time and under the budget.

"Battleship-1 reached a depth of 15,470 feet in the Mirador formation and several reviews confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in various possible production areas," the company said in a statement.

The information added that Armored-1 is being coated as a potential producing resource and that the company "will conduct more extensive tests to convincingly determine the well's performance, which will take several weeks."

Frontera Energy is a Canadian company dedicated to the production of natural gas and petroleum, which is mainly active in Colombia and Peru.

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