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The Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez, announced an addition to the royalty budget for 2019, due to the increase in oil prices, which is expected to benefit the residents of different regions of the country.

"Oil prices were higher than budgeted in 2018. For this reason, there will be a supplement to the royalty budget in January 2019 to generate better opportunities," said Suarez, explaining that this measure would benefit departments such as Meta, which is regarded as the first oil producer in the country. About 50% of production.

The official also pointed out that the national government will promote transparency in the investment of royalties so that it can be reflected in works or projects that benefit the communities. "The means of royalties, which represent almost 46% of the total income of the department, need to be translated into work, with effectiveness and transparency".

In this context, the Minister emphasized that they would start structuring the projects that would be financed with the addition, so that the inhabitants of different regions of the country can quickly see the investment of resources.

The official also announced that next year the construction of a solar park in the municipality of Castilla La Nueva will start, to provide some of the energy needed for the Castilla field, the second largest country in the country. country.

"The park has a capacity between 10 and 15 MW, which corresponds to the consumption of 6,000 houses, the estimated amount that a municipality like Vista Hermosa has," said Suárez.

As far as mining is concerned, the head of the Minas y Energía portfolio will sign an agreement with the Gobernación del Meta next year to continue with the formalization of the mining industry.

"In the Meta, medium mining allows the extraction of building materials that are used for works such as roads and houses, not only in the department but also in neighboring regions such as Bogotá and Cundinamarca," the official said.

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