The story seems to be cyclical. At least his background. If we change the protagonist and the company, the reality is that Tesla's soap increasingly resembles that of Uber and Kalanick, just a year ago. A leader who occupies all the foci of a company of global significance, controversial for many reasons, considered a genius in some sectors and many times more as a problem than as a support for the company they run. In the case of Elon Musk, owner of among others Tesla, the force escapes him via the 240 signs of Twitter: against the press, shareholders and, in general, against the world that follows the logic that it is better to speak badly about one, even if it is wrong. What is certain is that the owners are insured.

For months the winds have not blown in favor of the genius of Silicon Valley. The story started with the problems that were raised in their production objectives for Model 3. Musk itself had to announce an extension of the delivery dates several times. The car called for democratization of electric transport in the world the accounts of the company have been transferredUnlike SpaceX, it has to make accounts in public markets and for a group of investors and shareholders who do not see the management and spending policies of the CEO.

Far from washing the dirty rags at home, Musk had no trouble giving his opinion about social networks. A fact that is decisive enough, so that his relief is around the corner. With 22% of Tesla's capital, the shareholders' meeting could take this character to the background. Hence the polemic of summer: Could Tesla go back and become a private company? In this way, the dream of Musk's iron control would be solved, the problem of the shareholders would be solved and the sensitivity to the attacks would be eliminated. The issue of the accounts would be a different story that should be made in the company of electric vehicles in the short term; There are not a few analysts who have pointed out a return of Tesla to the bags in case of flight by the profile of the company itself, despite the possibility that a Saudi fund would come in to fill the vacancy of the stock market. In the same way, Tesla has informed that this movement still requires the approval of the same shareholders meeting that the decision-maker wants to remove from the card.

Twitter, the beginning of the end for Tesla shares

There is no day in which Musk, through his personal account, generates some controversy. The summer season began with the case of Thai children who fell into the trap. Fixed the case that could have been a tragedy, Elon did not hesitate to call pedophile to one of those who refused to use the small submarine that was made ad hoc by Tesla engineers.

Among the comments and opinions about the future of Tesla, the result is that the shares of his company are experiencing their worst decline since they went to the markets. If they collapsed 8.9% last Friday, a devastating JP Morgan report has been added. Published on Monday, the effect soon became clear in the results of the company. 4% drops that add to those of last week and are summarized in the low credibility that Musk has for JP Morgan.

A hard blow for your comments from the last days. 120 hours of work per week and whole days without leaving the offices. Without holidays for years and 2018 define as the annus horribillis. Summary, a major stress that the maker himself has tried to resend in his account.

His response was to emphasize the role in the company: "Only Ford and Tesla are the only car companies in the United States that pursue profitability." I mean, their 120 hours per week do not have the profile to be reduced in a short period of time. The pulse between Musk's mental health or Tesla's survival is served.