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This has been a good year for Aseguradora Solidaria, and the conditions are in place to maintain good performance and become a record.

In fact, the expectation for 2018 is that the company will be closed with premiums for 600,000 million pesos representing an annual growth of 18 percent, said the president, Carlos Arturo Guzmán Peláez. Only in the first semester was production 311,000 million pesos, 20 percent more than in the same period of 2017.

"Last year was the best in our history, but this will be exceeded," he said.

The executive power states that said that this increase is related to participation in various public and private tenders in particular credit facilities to provide the collective life and fire insurance policy to debtors of mortgage loans.

Right, already works with 17 financial entities and in the public sector some of their customers are the armed forces and the national savings fund, with their unemployment insurance ]

This type of insurance is one that has boosted the performance in the field of people most, that together with those of accidents and other personal policies 50 percent of the company's premiums.

They are followed by a car insurance, with 30 percent, in which one of the most dynamic products has been a cover that focuses on taxi drivers.

The remainder is concentrated in the compulsory insurance of traffic accidents (Soat), general and patrimonial policy.

At the Soat, noted that the controls have been tightened and that progress has been made with the dematerialisation of the insurance to reduce the fraud affecting the results in this segment.

Other information from the insurer The closing of the semester was an increase of 5 percent of the total assets so far this year, which stood at 702,000 million pesos; a positive technical result of 7.063 million peso (compared to -2.225 million peso a year ago), and an increase in equity of 22.8%.

According to the director of the entity, growth was not it can happen in any way and the key to the strategy remains profitability.


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