SIC fined $ 740 million in Ticket Shop for misleading advertising

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The penalty is given by the fictitious sale of 6000 tickets for the match Colombia vs Brazil in the Russian qualification 2018.

The match Colombia vs. Brazil in the Russian qualification 2018 was on September 5, 2017. AFP.

After a year of research, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) a fine of more than $ 624 million was imposed on the company Comercializadora de Franquicias S.A., better known as Ticket Shop. They have also sanctioned their legal representatives: César Ronaldo Carreño Castañeda, with $ 78 million, and Iván Darío Arce Gutiérrez with $ 39 million. So in total, the sanction of the SIC adds about $ 740 million. (Read the details behind the sale of Colombia Selection tickets)

The fine is given for misleading advertising in the fictitious sale of 6.000 tickets for the match Colombia vs Brazil in the Russian qualification 2018 on September 5, 2017. According to the entity, the information on the conditions under which the tickets would be traded and the advertising of the sale of the tickets was misleading and seriously contrary to the rights of Colombian consumers.

In fact, the SIC found that "these presupposed 6000 tickets were never on sale from 0:00 (zero hours) from August 8, 2017 on the website as announced by Ticket Shop., because these tickets together with thousands of other ballots (in total 14.207 tickets) were also massively diverted via Ticket Ya for the resale of the tickets ".

Ticket Shop must make a notification on its website that offers an apology to Colombian consumers, and must also publish it on a full Sunday page in one of the three newspapers with the largest national distribution.

It should be recalled that the SIC issued a statement of objections on 30 July against the Colombian football federation (FCF), two companies and 18 natural persons by the way in which the contract for the sale of the ballots of the Colombian National Team competitions was awarded and executed during the elimination for the last World Cup in Russia.

The companies involved are exactly Ticket Shop and Ticket Ya. There are also members of the executive committee of the FCF, such as Ramón Jesurún, Álvaro González, Jorge Perdomo, Alejandro Hernández Hernández, Claudio Cogollo, Elkin Arce and Luis Bedoya (former member of the body, involved in the corruption scandal known as the Fifa port).

In short, the SIC stated that there was some sort of it conspiracy between the three parties (Ticket Shop, Ticket Ya and FCF) to deliver the ticket sales contract when the Federation's own analysis (like that of a third party) has given another company the winner of the process (First row).

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