The 6-year-old girl spent nearly $ 400 on toys and this made her mother

In my time, and I'm sure that in yours, the most that we could buy as children without our parents noticing it, were goodies, but today's children are already manipulating technologies at a young age that we mischief, and that is a mobile phone, a bank account and multiple advertisements toys on the internet It is perhaps the worst combination for parents, but the best chance for children.

Catherine Lunt, a mother living in the United States was surprised when a parcel box arrived at her home and one person downloaded several boxes of Barbie dolls and ponies, but she had not made those purchases, which left. the shopping On the Internet, to be precise on Amazon, it was her little 6-year-old Katelyn Lunt.

Catherine told her social networks that she had reviewed the order and could cancel items she did not recognize, but two pages of articles had already been sent.

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The Lunt family thought they could not keep all the toys that Katelyn had bought and decided to donate them, with a value of nearly $ 400, to the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

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Katelyn's mother said that her daughter was in primary school because she had a stroke the first week she was born and that's why they wanted to donate something to that hospital.

This is not the first case in which a child makes purchases on the internet and this generates discussion about how many parents monitor their children while playing with a mobile phone.

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