The expectation for the opening of the logistics center of Amazon in Latin America is growing THE UNIVERSAL

Almost a month ago, President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, met with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, for the e-commerce company that would enter his country. The government of Argentina and Mexico tried to do the same. These three nations are fighting for the multinational to open its logistics center on its territory.

However, a new competitor has come to bidding. With the recent opening of the first Latin American service center in Colombia, the country starts the dispute, so that the logistics center is also a reality.

According to the Chilean media, the company would contact local operators at the beginning of the year to rent a large space to accommodate their products. However, this speculation was not confirmed by a senior Amazon executive who visited the country and preferred not to provide information about it.

In this competition, various factors will be taken into account by the e-commerce company. One of these is the freight transport capacity of the main airports in these four countries. In that sense, in Chile in the period January-December 2017, 359.068 tons of cargo were transported on international and domestic flights, while in El Dorado the total amounted to 706.803 tons. In 2015, according to IDB data, of the total freight movement with North America, Colombia concentrated 24%, Chile 16% and Argentina 6%.

No doubt an important factor will be the geographical position, since Amazon wants to expand its distribution. Colombia has the advantage in this sense

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