The girl secretly orders $ 400 in toys from Amazon

A six-year-old girl ordered $ 400 on toys from Amazon, without her mother noticing it.

Catherine Lunt did not know that her daughter went shopping online.

It was too late to stop most of the orders.

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"On Friday I checked something out internet and I saw a number of articles that I had not ordered "said Lunt.

"I canceled them because they had not yet been sent and I started to see that there were more than three pages of orders".

The family shared a picture of Katelyn on social media, smiling playfully next to several Amazon boxes.

The story went viral.

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After Lunt heard what his daughter did, he said he thought about it to return the toys to Amazon, but decided to donate them to Primary Hospital Children.

"Katelyn was in Primary when she was born, so we wanted to donate something," said Lunt.

"She actually had a stroke the first week she was born."

The mother hopes the girl keep away from shopping on the internet

"He will not get much trouble, but he will be there often if this happens again," said Lunt.


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