The return of investment of startups in Peru is estimated at two years economy

Wilfredo Huanachín Osorio
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The segment of startups (technology companies) in the country is increasingly focused on the fintech items (financial technology) or is focused on the digital transformation that uses big data for its customers, according to the technology consulting companies Everis and the investor Endeavor.

Debbie Jaffe, executive director of Endeavor Peru noted that there is a very high risk of capital market funds investing in one startup. He estimated, however, that the return on investment of this type entrepreneurship Technological is two years.

"In Peru we still do not have a reference-based investment or start-up capital, etc. But what we can say is that there are more important investments in this type of business," he said.

Jaffe also noted that the risk fund expectation is that of a portfolio of 10 startups in which they decide to invest, at least one of which is a great success, in terms of turnover, employment and life extension.

Investment type
Through a regional study on artificial intelligence in the region, the technology director of Everis Peru, César Adán Pedros, explained that in Australia the most interested in start-ups are angel-investors and those who allocate seed capital (each distributes 14% of their investments at the regional level in Peru) and private capital investments (US $ 2 million to US $ 20 million) that allocate 8% of their investments to Peru at regional level.

Endeavor supports the investment of 16 startups. For 2019 it expects to invest in the agrobio segment, agriculture with hi-tech components. Debbie Jaffe said these proposals would be applied in agricultural export products, and drones and big data would be used in the management of these companies.

Income. In the region, 44% of startups have sales up to US $ 100,000.
Offer. Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have a greater presence of startups.
Presence. Peru has startups such as Juntoz, Quinoa, Osaka, Mandú, among others.

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