The Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov presents his own electric car

Kalashnikov car

The new Kalashnikov car is called CV-1.

Kalashnikov Media

like Tesla makes surfboardsWhy could not Kalashnikov have his own electric car? Maybe it sounds like crazy, but it's just as real as true.

The famous Russian arms maker, famous for his AK-47, has presented its own electric car model. It is inspired by a strange Soviet car from the 70s called "Izh-Kombi" and according to the company has a technology that can stand eye to eye with Tesla cars.

His company, Kalashnikov Concern, says that they have advanced elements for the electric supercar & # 39; have developed and can reach 350 kilometers of autonomy with a full top-up.

"This technology will allow us to be part of the global producers of electric cars such as Tesla and its competitor," they say from their own website.

At the moment it is only a concept and there is no confirmation that the Russian company is planning to bring the vehicle on the market in the short term. But this is not the first time that he invades outside the arms industry, recently he has also launched clothing and other products, such as umbrellas and mobile phone cases. Let's see what the next will be.

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