The Russian Kalashnikov wants to compete with Tesla with his first electric car

The Russian arms manufacturer kalashnikov, known for its legendary assault rifle AK-47, breaks into the market of electric vehicles with the ambitious goal to compete with Tesla and other producers with a Soviet-inspired model presented on Thursday.

kalashnikov presented the prototype of his new electric car, light blue and retro design, called "CV-1" and inspired by a Soviet model from the 1970s, the "Ij-Kombi", during a military hall in the Moscow region.

"We have developed our own super-electric car concept based on various original systems developed by the company," he explained. kalashnikov in a statement, without specifying when the product will be placed on the market or what its price will be.

"This technology allows us to compete with global electric car manufacturers, such as Tesla," the group's press service told the public RIA agency. "We are inspired by the experience of international market leaders to develop our concept."

kalashnikov, company of more than 200 years and that bears the name of the employee who invented the gun AK-47 during the Soviet era it made a big drop to the government, which recovered in 2013, before it was recently privatized.

In a context of Western sanctions against the sector of the Russian military industry, the company has already started diversifying its production to the civil sector by launching a line of clothing and products ranging from umbrella to mobile phone -cases.

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