The second Festival del Maiz strengthened the formal trade of Barcelona La Crónica del Quindío

With massive participation, 25 families displayed their gastronomic offer in the Corregimiento.

  The second Festival del Maiz strengthened the formal trade in Barcelona

The festival exceeded the expectations in terms of participation and variety of products around the corn.

This Sunday, with massive participation, took place in Barcelona, ​​Calarcá, the second Graan Festival which strengthened formal trade and where 25 families transformed the offered product and visitors varied gourmet offerings such as arepa & # 39; s and pies of chócolo, mazamorra, masato, chicha, corn soup, rises among others. ( In context: With Festival del Maiz, the economy of 25 families and merchants is trying to boost )

Beatriz Aristizábal Cano director of municipalities of Trade in Armenia and Quindío, Ccaq said that "the balance was 100% positive.Many audience of the early hours, we had contests, the presence of the participants of the National Encounter of Zanqueros, we have a great variety of maize products, it was spectacular . The most important thing is that this stimulates the economy and strengthens the formal trade . "

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He emphasized that the festival has been strengthened because there is much more participation and more variation in the products . "There is innovation, we have the country beetles, which were not last year, the novelty was beans with maize.The gastronomic part was much better ."

The micro-entrepreneurs have dedicated

Olga Muñoz, for 34 years to the company of the transformation of the chócolo in arepas, cakes and empanadas at the point in Balboa, where a third generation begins to integrate in the process to continue with the tradition.

"The company was founded by my father-in-law, since my husband knew how to process these products, they gave us a piece and then we started working with a canecito roasting chócolos, we saw that it worked. making the cakes, I had my children there and I have all my grandchildren and the whole family was connected to the project, the third generation is already there. My grandson helps defoliate and we hope this continues and do not let it stop ", said Muñoz.

"It sells a lot, we have a very good clientele. In Balboa there are many tourists, our point is known, my husband is from Barcelona " he added.

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Although its business is already recognized, the micro-entrepreneur says that the Korenfeest is very good, because "on this way, it's more noticeable, and that helps to open more galleries and we've already been in many places.In the first version of the festival we did it very well, it was very good, to thank those who accompanied us, we hope that every time it goes much better. The last time we fell short for products to sell and this time we brought more ".

Dagoberto Duque, manufacturer of metro in Barcelona, ​​for eight years, said that the festival gives him a proud feeling because it gives an impetus to the initiatives in the corregimiento .

"The experience of last year was very good, many people visited us, we learned more about cooking, we want to be the best and we work for this event to gain strength."

Faced with his product, said he: "I buy parchment corn and I do the cooking process so that it releases the bran, then it is ground, the ingredients are poured into sugar, yeast and butter." In Barcelona there are many people who work around corn, it is the pressure of many people here. We distribute this product to almost the entire department -Filandia, Circasia, Quimbaya- and we also extend to Valle del Cauca . "

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Dirlean Gallego, mazamorrero of the corregimiento, spent six years in the office with which he, in addition to his support to his family, creates employment for nine Barcelona residents . "Some go to Córdoba, others to Armenia, Buenavista and others here, we have the micro-enterprise in the village and prepare four cans of mazamorra daily."

Gallego said: "For me and for the people is it is excellent to have the festival because the products we sell are promoted., most maize-based foods are produced in corregimiento In the first version of the event people were very happy and this year was much better than the past . "


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