They are waiting for more than 5000 people in the largest appointment of Argentine electronic commerce

eCommerce Day

The speakers of the conference will discuss the problems and challenges of the Internet industry in Argentina and Latin America

More than 5,000 people will participate in the eCommerce Day Buenos Aires, the biggest annual event of the Argentine electronic trade, which will take place on August 30, according to the spokespersons of the organizers of the activity at iProfesional.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have access to several workshops and thematic discussions of the internet industry at this meeting, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) and the eCommerce Institute. It can also be followed by "streaming" via the internet on the official site of the conference, which is held at the Hilton hotel in the Buenos Aires district of Puerto Madero.

Since 2008, the eCommerce Institute has been touring several countries with this meeting throughout America, bringing together trainers, businesses, entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals in a meeting designed for dissemination, promotion and reflection on the importance of the impact of internet and information. and communication technologies in the economies of the countries.

This year, the Argentina meeting celebrates 12 editions and presents a different format, in which the exhibitors develop a dynamic and fluid "storytelling", in the style of the TED talks, between 5 and 15 minutes, between the different panels, which will address the problems and challenges of the Internet industry in Argentina and the region.

As explained to iProfesional Marcos Pueyrredón, chairman of the eCommerce Institute, the central theme for this year will be:Professionalization of digital trade management", Which will be addressed through a series of discussions and plenary sessions aimed at guiding the professionals present when thinking about strategies that enable them to accelerate sales in their companies and / or online stores.

Professionals from the eCommerce industry in Argentina and Latin America have confirmed their presence in the event as speakers, who will guide participants through chat and network spaces about new eCommerce trends, challenges and challenges at national and international level. international.

Attendees can learn from the experience of more than 100 exhibitors and learn about the most remarkable success stories in the region. Tinder, Shazam, Coca-Cola, Free Market, Visa, Natura, Cabify, Netshoes and Cencosud they have joined this new edition of eCommerce Day to share their experience in the sector, said Gustavo Sambucetti, CACE's institutional director.

"Year after year, eCommerce Day is an event that is consolidated in the industry and whose mission is to guide the growth and professionalization of the e-commerce industry in Argentina and the region." We continue to work on the mission of promoting the consolidate internet companies, work to improve the offer through training and exchange successful experiences that serve as an example for industry professionals, "said Pueyrredón.

During the morning, plenary discussions will take place in which the sector's market figures, trends and instances of national and international success will be shared. It will be the first time you can check the impact of electronic commerce in categories of mass consumption, such as beverages and cleaning products, said Sambucetti, who emphasized that local e-commerce has had a rising impetus for several years, independent of the evolution of the general economy.

One characteristic that distinguishes this day is that it does not require much specific technological knowledge to participate, and there will even be activities for those who are just taking their first steps in electronic commerce.

In addition to one First business competition ("startups") with specific products and services for the online channelDuring the afternoon, workshops will take place simultaneously where professionals can participate in the selection of the theme based on their experience in the digital world and interest in the area.

There will be workshops that require prior registration, ie from the organization that is asked to view the agenda in advance and to register for those interesting activities. The eCommerce IT Camp will have an agenda parallel to the event, which will be held for the third year to address issues and conferences exclusively for professionals of systems and technical profiles.

It will also have a "Demo Zone" with invited experts who will share their knowledge about different products and services. One of the unique activities is "Cycle Doctor Web", a clinic that allows companies that are present, after selection and registration, to receive advice about your eCommerce to increase profitability and conversion.

Workshop Quicks Wins will be workshops with experts in OmniCommerce, who will explain how you can create a work route to increase the billing and profitability of new channels and points of sale by analyzing more than 40 initiatives and practical actions to convert them into the most important for your company.

There will also be a workshop on how to create multichannel and automated communication, while remaining relevant through email marketing, and another to learn how to internationalize the business and open new markets through different e-commerce strategies.

Another relevant activity is the Omnicommerce Experience, with which you can get to know the facilities of the leading electronic commerce companies in Latin America and understand the end-to-end process of a commercial site. This activity, with limited places, will be held on August 31 in the facilities of the companies Arredo and Droguería del Sud.

Pueyrredón pointed out that there will even be an activity between the talks and the plenary sessions, which will show why a specific point of attention should be opened for children between 9 and 12 years old.

plenary meetings

Subsequently, on the basis of the analysis of consumer trends, alternative business models will be discussed on the basis of the experiences with the brand and retail prospects, with Carlos Altieri, VP Strategic Solutions Latam or Nielsen; and the participation of Esteban Socorro, Digital Transformation VP of The Coca-Cola Company South Latam; Patricia Jebsen, manager of Omnichannel of Cencosud; and Gustavo Sambucetti.

In other management plenaries from different sectors, they will explain how they can overcome the challenges of new business models and technologies to reach profitable and customer-focused businesses. Agenor Leao de Almeida, VP Latam de Natura; Anibal Brullo, CFO & CDO of Droguería del Sud, and Marcos Pueyrredón.

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