They challenge Herbalife for $ 1,000 million economies

A group of distributors of the multinational Herbalife He filed a $ 1,000 million lawsuit against the company for alleged cheating in the promise to earn large sums of money, but that was not realized, American media reported.

The lawsuit was filed by Patricia and Jeff Rodgers in a court in Miami. They assure that they attended all conferences and events that "Circle of success", Where they were promised to make a lot of money with the sale of their products, but only reported loss.

YOU CAN SEE Distributors continue Herbalife because "they have not become rich"

"We did everything they told us to do, we attend all events, we travel and spend money. And we did not succeed as they said we would, "Patricia Rodgers told the Miami Herald newspaper.

Rodgers estimates that they had a loss of US $ 100,000, including US $ 20,000, to attend the events Herbalife, a company that had a net profit of approximately US $ 4,400 million in 2017, according to the media mentioned above.

In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of US he forced Herbalife to pay $ 200 million to the distributors he deceived with promises of winning sums of money that had never come, so it would not be the first time he would have to deal with these kinds of demands.

Etan Mark, the couple's lawyer, said that one of the points that distinguishes this lawsuit in Miami from others Herbalife is that it refers to the system of events known as "Circle of Success", which persuades distributors to attend all events taking place in the country with the expenses themselves.

Multinational presence

Herbalife, with headquarters in Los Angeles, currently has 8,300 employees worldwide and almost 2.3 million independent distributors. The most important market is in North America and Asia.

– "Distributors are promoted with the question of how they can get rich and at the same time hire more people to become distributors known as the" downline "," added Mark.

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